• StyleFile: Trendy Tees for Summer

    This summer, the top trends in T-shirts are fun and bright, with customized T-shirts and bold prints available to make your wardrobe pop with bursts of color. This will not be a conservative season of neutrals and bland beauty: this summer you can let your inner rainbow shine in the latest dazzling shades.

    Here are the top 10 T-shirt trends for men and women this summer:


    1. Green with Envy—

    Make everybody jealous in your shades of green, because any hues from light green to dark emerald are extremely popular right now. T-shirts customized with images of trees and other natural greenery are also being spotted across the country and around the world, mirroring similar natural trends in home décor.


    2. Passionate Purples—

    Orchid, lavender, violet or periwinkle… whatever version of purple you prefer, it’s on trend and in fashion this summer. Mix a purple-hued T-shirt with white pants or a skirt for a crisp, summery look, or pair it with black for a more urban feel. Some fashionistas are mixing purple with shades of green for an especially vivid vibe.

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  • Style File: Get in Gear for Football Season, Ladies!

    Now that summer is quickly making it’s exit, it’s time to embrace the coming of autumn. I love the fall, it’s one of my favorite seasons. The weather is cooler, the leaves begin to turn and football season is in full swing which means amazing tailgating parties, sports bars and heading to the game! If you’re a fashionable woman like me, football season doesn’t have to mean you forgo all sense of style to don a boring NFL sweater or jersey. Thankfully, there are options for us ladies who love sports! The latest looks from the NFL for women are super cute. From jerseys and tees to sweaters and accessories, there are a myriad of styles and options to choose from all bearing the name of your favorite NFL team. You can purchase your team apparel at www.nflshop.com. Check out a few of the cute offerings:

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  • Style File: Magazines are Airbrushing Models to Look…Curvier?

    I never thought I would be writing a post like this but let me tell you – I couldn’t be happier to report that the standard of beauty is finally swinging back towards the curvy, full-bodied look that is more natural for most women. Unlike the stick thin models of yesterday, the voluptuous shape is what Hollywood wants to see. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and Beyonce have been major influencers in this new sexy body image taking over the media. Where the trend is hitting hardest is with magazine publishers. Many of the people behind the scenes of the hottest photo shoots are finding themselves adding curves and fuller faces to the stick thin models who are booked to do the shoots. In the past, it was the thinner the better but now it’s all about showcasing womanly curves in a sexy yet natural way.

    Even though I am happy to see a more realistic and natural woman’s shape becoming the norm again, it’s a bit disconcerting to think that the covergirls on some of our favorite magazines are not actually as curvy as they appear. In the fickle world of modeling, chasing the body type of the moment is a constant chore for every single woman who steps in front of the camera. With the click of a mouse, a photo retoucher can add the right amount of hips, thighs, cleavage and a nice full face without the model ever having to eat a single calorie. This new method sends a dangerous message to the models of the world – you don’t have to become healthy to look healthy.

    We have such a long way to go when it comes to how women’s beauty and bodies are portrayed in the media but this small step towards displaying curvy girls is definitely a step in the right direction.

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  • Bald Barbie for Cancer!!!!

    Bald Barbie for Cancer Ignites a Facebook Movement!

    I was skimming through my beauty blogs when I came across an article about a movement on Facebook for Mattel to create a bald Barbie that would be specifically for those fighting cancer or dealing with someone who has cancer. I LOVE the idea of a special bald Barbie. I think it would be a great tool for young girls dealing with the disease as well as for grown women fighting cancer. It’s also a self-esteem boosting tool for daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, mothers and friends of those with cancer or cancer survivors. Currently, the Facebook campaign has nearly 17,000 likes and is certainly growing minute by minute. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time next year, there will be a new Barbie devoted to the women around the world fighting cancer!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…CK One Shock Value

    Calvin Klein, CKOne Shock Value, $65, www.ckone.com

    CKOne is an iconic fragrance. Calvin Klein revolutionized the fragrance industry with the first unisex fragrance. CKOne was light enough for women to wear it but cool enough for men too. It became a top-selling scent and quickly changed the way advertisers and marketers viewed unisex scents. CKOne is back with a new fragrance that is sure to make a major splash in the beauty world. Instead of the unisex concept of the 90’s, CKOne Splash comes in a women’s and a men’s fragrance.

    The women’s scent has top notes of passion flower, pink peony and jeweled poppy flower; a heart of blackberry, jasmine, narcisse flower and liquid chocolate accord, and a drydown of magnetic ambers, vanillin, patchouli and second skin musk.

    I love exploring new scents so I can’t wait to get my hands on a sample of this unique new fragrance. Expect to see the new Shock Value line in stores this Fall.

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