• I’m Currently Obsessed With Hourglass Manicure

    Just in time for summer, there’s a cool new manicure making the rounds. The hourglass manicure is a fun, chic way to show your love of pattern and design. Created by Naja, a celebrity manicurist and a new cast-member on WETV’s top reality show “LA Hair”, this new manicure has all of Hollywood’s top trendsetters buzzing. You can rock this look with two or three colors. I am loving this new manicure as its graphic and has dimension and creates a dynamic look that works well on all nail shapes and sizes!

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  • Spring Trends 2013


    With the new year upon us, shopping for trendy fashions is high on every fashion conscious individual’s list. The good news is, one doesn’t have to spend a small fashion this year to stay “in vogue”. It does not have to be a challenge to dress to impress for 2013. All one needs to do is stay informed on the hottest trends for the upcoming season. To look chic throughout the year, let the following descriptive be your guideline:

    Drape That Cape

    A bold fashion trend making a comeback for 2013 is the fashion cape. Women of all ages can dress a cape up or down, for casual daytime wear or evening formal wear. Capes can complement almost any outfit and seem to offer a look of charm and sophistication. During the chilly winter months, capes made of wool or other substantial fabric can add a nice layering to an outfit. For spring, consider a satiny lightweight cape to add a touch of class to semi-casual dress.

    Leather and Lace

    Leather skirts are more than a timeless fashion statement, they are versatile as well. Sexy and chic, a leather skirt or leather pants can make a women feel provocative and alluring. Toned down with a simple sweater, a leather skirt is appropriate for the office. Teamed with a lacey top, the leather skirt can be perfect for evening apparel. Whether choosing an eggshell color for spring or traditional black for winter, leather fashion is hot for 2013. Continue Reading

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  • Step On It: Spring 2013 Shoe Trends

    According to this year’s Groundhog’s Day prediction, an early spring is coming for 2013. Those stuck inside from the harsh weather of super storm Nemo as well as anyone ready to break in their spring fashion looks, were more than pleased with this prediction of quickly approaching warmer weather. Getting ready for spring means time to start stocking up the freshest looks now so as to be prepared for that first glimpse of warm weather. Shoes are always a great way to start featuring spring styles, because even warm weather footwear can be paired with a maxi dress or stylish colored skinny jeans when the weather still holds a bit of a chill. Check out these spring shoe styles that are sure to be a hit this season, and prepare feet to properly show off these incredible styles with a pre-spring pedicure.

    Gladiator Sandals

    A popular trend last spring as well, these attention grabbing spring equivalents of bold winter boots have been taken up a notch this season. Although the basic style of calf covering detailed leather in every hue is still prevalent, designers have upped the ante by adding heels from the practical wedge to the skinny stiletto style which adds to the dramatic flair.

    Distinctive Heels

    The gladiator sandal is not the only spring style with an updated heel, in fact many spring shoes featured distinctive heels. These attention grabbing heels were typically of a modest height, but with features such as a unique ball hall and slim rectangular heel, along with a return of past block heels in a variety of heights and styles, the eye is naturally drawn to this forward thinking design. Intense geometric shapes well outside the realm of traditional heels are certainly of the moment, a decidedly bold choice that can turn up the style level of any outfit.

    Detailed Design

    Bold statements are not only found on the heel, as many spring styles feature stylish buckles that are more an accessory than a mere strap fastener. Typically found this season on the ankle it turns ankle straps almost into a bracelet encircling the lower calf finished off with a highly designed buckle, ranging from metal, leather, and other colorful choices that make these a major focal point. In contrast with the big buckle, is another detailed design element featured prominently in the fashionable footwear trending this spring—lace. From delicate lace additions in popular spring hues, to leather woven to resemble the complexities of lace, there is no doubt that lace remains in favor with designers this season.

    Color Conscious

    If the runway is any indication, 2013 spring styles are all about the use of color. Clear, see through features will be a fashionable accent seen everywhere from footwear to handbags. See-through foot straps and heels were especially prevalent with the top designers. Along with a heavy presence of see-through features, contrasting black and white designs turned up in every shoes style from heels to oxford styles, as well as spring staple—the sandal.

    Kiera Noble is a certified shopaholic and she shops with next day delivery for the perfect gifts for her friends and family.



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  • Makeup: Beauty by the Book – Nail Trend – Puddles

    If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how much I love highlighting the latest in nail trends. From the moon manicures to the textured nail looks, I am all about showcasing the newest and hottest ways to wear your nails. Well, ladies and gents, there is a new trend on the scene and its called puddling. This is where you use several different polishes to create what looks like a camoflauge effect on the nail. It’s quite cute and is very wearable. Jin Soon, one of the leading manicurists and nail experts recently displayed this trend in a special tutorial for Check it out!
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  • Fall in Love with the Season’s Best Beauty and Fashion Trends


    As seasons change, so do the hot and fashionable beauty tips and make-up trends. Fall beauty trends add style and dimension to the simplest of make-up routines. Daily beauty routines can be as complicated or as simple as the wearer chooses to use. Make-up choices and routines can be as natural or as chic as the occasion warrants.

    Try some of these tip-to-toe fall beauty trends and feel the instant transformation into the stylish and chic woman you dream of seeing in the mirror.

    Let’s Start with Make-up

    By simply beginning with a neutral base make-up and a barely there look, the face becomes a palette to create a sultry, fresh, dramatic or glamorous look. You decide the look you are trying to achieve and work from there. Here are a few ideas:

    The Eyes Have It

    Growing popularity with eye definition is shown in the presentation of cat eyes. Cat eyes can be achieved by using thin, dark eyeliner along the lash line of the upper lid. Eyeliner should be curved up ever-so-slightly at the outside edge of the lid, hence the cat eye appearance.

    Some women do not like the cat eye look so opt to make their eyes appear more dramatic by applying several layers of dark colored mascara.

    Thick eyebrows have replaced the formerly popular skinny brow look. Strong, full brows create a sexy but take-me-seriously appearance. The heavier eye make-up look clearly supports the fall and winter season’s more layered wardrobe.

    Dusty rose, not the old-fashioned pink, eye shadow has replaced the formerly popular taupe eye shadow. Neutral tones are becoming quite prevalent in eye shadow color.

    Let’s Get Cheeky

    Two tones are becoming popular in cheek color, whether using powder or cream blush application: a pinky bronze or a peachy honey-colored blush. Gone are the bronzy tones that made you look tanned all year.

    Now Onto Hair Styles and Trends

    Casual hairstyles are the latest season’s trend. Soft, loose styles, whether tied back or loose curls, are both chic and comfortable. There are several popular hairstyles being shown for daywear and special occasions alike. Try one of these trending hairstyles:

    ·      Loosely pulled back hair where the hair is worn half up and half down

    ·      Low, braided ponytail starting at the nape of the neck

    ·      Low, side-swept bun

    ·      Blunt bangs with otherwise long, straight hair

    ·      Short bob-style haircut, with blunt bangs or not

    Vary your hairstyle to suit the outfit you choose to wear and the day’s schedule you have planned.

    The Finishing Touch of a Manicure and Pedicure

    Nail polish is making a strong fashion statement. Nails are no longer shown in a subtle pink or nude color. Rather, they are shiny and bold in color. Short, square shaped nails are replacing the long, pointed look of earlier days. The most frequently shown fall manicure and pedicure colors and tones are:

    ·      Jewel-toned colors like sapphire, emerald, khaki, plum or gray

    ·      Metallic and sparkle colors including gold, silver, copper, gunmetal and bronze

    ·      Bold colors like purple, teal and pumpkin

    ·      Dark nail polish including burgundy or dark red

    What is Your Look Going to Be?

    Every woman has the choice about what her fall beauty look will be, dramatic or subtle. The color palette of make-up she chooses will dictate her finished style and appearance.

    The best seasonal beauty trend advice:

    Mix and match a few of the aforementioned fall trends until you achieve the look you desire. There is a perfect combination just waiting to be created.

    Michelle Meinecken maintains an Etsy store selling quilted goods and accessories and loves shopping for women’s shoes. She also play saxophone in a band with her husband.

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