• Simple Weight Loss Tip! It Works!



    People are always looking for better ways to lose weight, and keep it off.  We have all tried endless diet methods that may take off some weight at the beginning, but we always gain it back. Why?  One of the reasons is consistency.  Some give up too easy, while others go on and off of it so often that their body doesn’t know they are on a diet at all.

    Many times the new way is not always the best.  While there are a number of great ideas for losing weight and staying fit out there, the method that may work the best in the long run is one your grandmother may have used: the “push away method.”  It is called this because it simply means that your grandmother knew when to quit eating and push away from the table.

    This sounds uncomprehensibly old-fashioned but here is why it works and how you can try it yourself starting today:

    1) The “push-away” diet involves making your own choices.  While other diets restrict you and give you a feeling of loss of control, the “push away method” lets you eat whatever you want, as long as it in in reasonable proportions.  A famous actress, Farrah Fawcett, liked this way of dieting and this is the way she ate all the time and never had a weight problem.  To implement this way of eating, simply eat a little of whatever you want, but limit the amount.  You don’t even have to count calories with this method, as long as you use common sense. Don’t take out second or third helpings though, as this will defeat the purpose.

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Sephora Hot Hues Skinny Brush Set

    Sephora Collection, Hot Hues Brush Set Wrap, $38,

    Brushes are a girl’s best friend and there’s no such thing as having too many brushes. My latest obsession is with the new Sephora Hot Hues Brush Collections. These super cute brush sets are great for traveling or just when you need to do a quick touch-up while on-the-go. I love the bright hues and sleek packaging. The little brush set wrap is adorable and would make packing your beauty products for that next getaway easy and breezy. The brush set includes:

    • Powder brush (natural)
    • Foundation brush (synthetic)
    • Crease brush (natural)
    • Shadow brush (natural)
    • Angled liner brush (natural)
    • Sparkly clutch

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  • Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag!

    Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag, $26,

    Although I am way too old to even think about having a quinceanera, my little sister (I’m a Big Sister) is already planning her quince and she just turned fourteen. The Quinceanera is a Latin American tradition for girls turning fifteen. Unlike the sweet 16 that American teens celebrate, the quinceanera is all about celebrating the fact that a young girl has become a woman. Urban Decay recently debuted their own tribute to this long-standing tradition with a Quinceanera makeup bag. The bag is made to carry lots of makup and includes an interior pocket for additional makeup items and tools. Its the perfect gift for a quinceanera or a sweet sixteen!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Clio Razor

    Palm Perfect Power Rechargeable Shaver, $22.99,

    Smooth legs are a hallmark of the spring and summer since all of our clothes are getting a little bit shorter and lighter. One of the most important aspects to achieving gorgeously smooth legs is the right razor. Even though the drugstore disposable variety works well, there’s nothing like the results from a shave with an electric razor. I am dying to get my hands on this Clio Rechargeable Shaver since I need smooth legs and I need them fast! One of the cool things about this model is that is lightwet and can be used for a wet or dry shave.

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  • Elizabeth Arden Foundation Blender Brush


    A flawless canvas is the outcome we all seek when picking out the perfect foundation. Purchasing a gorgeous product that gives you luminous, natural-looking results means absolutely nothing if you are using the wrong tools. Elizabeth Arden’s Makeup Blender Brush is a fantastic foundation brush for those who want to create that airbrushed look with ease. The blender brush has a sizeable sponge tip for liquid or cream foundations. It makes applying product around the nose and lip area effortless.

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