• How to Get Big Hair When You Have Naturally Fine Tresses

    Some of us are just born with fine, flat hair. But this decade has been pretty kind to us, all things considered. We haven’t had to use hot irons to flatten out our tresses when everyone else was desperately trying to get the straight, sleek look.

    Even so, we always want what we can’t have, and a little more body would do our flat hairstyle wonders. Let’s take a look at how to get flippingly fabulous locks:

    Be Gentle To Your Hair

    You probably know what we’re about to say: lay off washing your hair so frequently! Twice a week is ideal, but if you’re a daily rinser, try to limit yourself to once every other day. Showering strips all the natural oils out of your hair, leaving it unhealthy and parched. If you’re prone to oily locks, dry shampoo is your new best friend.

    Chill Out On The Heat

    Allow your hair to air dry. The only time we’ll allow you to indulge in a little hot treatment is when it’s freezing outside and your hair is still wet from the shower (you’re late for work etc). Only pick up your hairdryer sporadically. That goes for all hot tools too.

    Fine hair is so much more vulnerable to thermal damage, so you’re doing yourself no favours by grabbing those curlers. If you want to create more body by ringletting your tresses, pin curl or use rollers, like Gran used to do in the old days.

    Go Natural

    The best thing you can do for your hair is let it stay natural. Dyes, bleaches, and chemical treatments all trash your tresses. All your hair needs is a regular trim and a little TLC.

    Eat Well

    Pump your diet full of omega-3s and lean protein. That means lots of avocados and walnuts, plus a morning routine of multivitamins. Generally, eat healthily and exercise and you’ll be well on your way to sleeker, fuller locks.

    Find Your Inner Zen

    Stress immediately takes a hella lot of oomph out of your hair. Try to gently remove the stress out of your life through regular meditation, exercise, yoga, massages (particularly head massages that stimulate hair growth), and a lot of sleep. When you feel stress mounting, try to breathe through the emotion and regain control of the situation.

    Protect It From The Environment

    The outside world can be unforgiving on your hair. In summer, wear a sunhat to protect your tresses from the bright rays that damage it just as much as it damages your skin. In the winter, fall in love with a beautiful, knitted hat that will keep your hair from suffering from scandalously low temperatures.

    Although swimming is a great way to keep fit, be aware of how detrimental the chlorine is on your tresses. Always wear a swimming cap, and try to master breast stroke, to keep the majority of your locks out of the water. Be sure to wash the chlorine out of your hair, as soon as you leave the pool.

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  • Bite Size Beauty Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

    Discover budget friendly beauty tips from SkinBase the microdermabrasion facial

    Beauty Tips that Won't Break the Bank [infographic]

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  • Hands Off – Smooth Skin Tips for Fall

    Just the other day I was working on an article about smooth skin when I looked down at my own hands and was completely shocked at how dry and chapped they were. I suffer from serious hang-nailitis during the fall and winter months and find myself practically dipping my hands in bowls of olive oil just to keep my hands somewhat moisturized. Fortunately, I have found some easy tips over the years that keep my hands looking and feeling their best especially during the coldest months of the year. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have beautiful hands that you won’t have to hide in a pair of cashmere gloves.

    • When you wash your hands, immediately afterwards slather them in moisturizing hand lotion so you won’t dry them out.
    • Exfoliate the skin on the tops of your hands just like you would your face, neck and decolletage. It’s important to remove the dead skin in order to maintain flawless, beautiful skin on your hands.
    • For an affordable and effective spa treatment for hands, purchase some petroleum jelly and saran wrap. At night, before bed, apply generous amounts of the jelly onto your hands and wrap them securely with the saran wrap. While you sleep, the ultra moisturizing effects of the jelly will penetrate the top layer of the skin leaving your hands, cuticles and nails soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom. When you wake up the next morning, just remove the saran wrap and you’re set!
    • In order to keep your cuticles smooth and healthy, apply a nutrient rich essential oil such as argan oil or sesame oil to your cuticles every morning and night. A small amount of oil is all you will need to keep your cuticles soft so don’t do overboard or you’ll wind up with a case of the greasies.
    • Limit your contact with hot water if possible. Try to take lukewarm baths and showers and when washing hands after the restroom, opt for mild to warm water over scalding hot water. Hot water instantly dries out the skin leaving your hands feeling irritated, chapped and flaky.

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  • Back to School Beauty 101

    For those of my readers who are in high school or college, this post is for you. August is the end of summer which means it’s time to get ready to head back to school. Even though school is in session, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch all of your favorite summer beauty looks. There are simple ways to transition your summer beauty look into a nice, school-appropriate look that won’t get you sent to detention. Here are some fun tips to try this school year so you’ll get nominated for most beautiful!

    • Make the switch from shimmery bronzer to matte bronzer. Summer is the season for sparkle, shimmer and shine as every single waking moment of your summer days are spent outdoors in the sunshine. When school starts,  you will find yourself spending most of your time indoors and that means flourescent lights. Shimmery bronzer is too overpowering for school and can leave you looking like you’re ready to party instead of ready to study. A nice matte bronzer will give you the sunkissed glow you seek without the high wattage shine.
    • Just because you’re heading back to school doesn’t mean you have to give up on the fun bright lip trend that was big this summer. The best way to pull off this look without garnering too much attention is to skip your favorite bright lipsticks and opt for their bright lip gloss counterparts. Lip gloss formulas tend to impart a more sheer version of the color leaving lips looking succulent and pretty without the high impact color payoff of lipsticks.
    • The bronzey smoky eye that you loved this summer is a wonderful look that transitions beautifully for school. It’s a lighter, softer version of the traditional smoky eye with black and grey shadows. One thing to remember with the smoky eye for school is to go easy on the liner – especially on the lower lid. Skip the lower lid altogether and you’ll be able to rock this smoky eye for the remainder of the summer and well into fall.
    • Now that the weather is about to change, you might want to make some changes in your foundation. A face full of foundation is never necessary for school as you want to look as natural as possible. You can stick to your favorite tinted moisturizer that took you through summer or you can take things up a notch with a nice cream to powder foundation with light to medium coverage.
    • Another place where you will need to do some upgrading is your skin care. Summer to fall means cooler temperatures, less moisture in the air and more time indoors. Beef up your moisture content with creamy washes, emollient moisturizers and alcohol-free toners that balance, neutralize and hydrate the skin. Also include a good exfoliator at least once a week to help rid skin of dead skin cells as there is sure to be an increase in dryer skin during this transitionary time.

    All in all, back to school beauty should be easy, fun and effortless!

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