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  • Beyonce Rocks the House at Jay Z’s Barclays Brooklyn Show

    Beyonce showed out over the weekend at Jay Z’s huge concert extravaganza commencing the opening of the new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn which is the new home of the Brooklyn Nets – the NBA b-ball team that Jay Z is part-owner of. Looks like Beyonce wanted to come out and represent for her man during the show and she definitely had the crowd going. Check out the video footage from the show!

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  • Sweet Tea: Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

    The rumors have been swirling that KimYe is expecting a little one. It all started when Kim started showing up to red carpet events and special appearances wearing bagging or loose-fitting clothing. Known for her gorgeous curves and her love of showing off those curves, it came as a surprise to paparazzi and fans that she would all of a sudden begin covering up. Well, it seems as though the rumors are all for not as Kim recently explained away the pregnancy rumors by discussing her weight gain on her blog.


    I started QuickTrim a few weeks ago just before I went to Australia because yes, I have gained some weight… but I guess being happy and comfortable does that to you.

    But it’s all good! I am back in the gym, watching what I eat and that combined with starting QuickTrim again means I’m feeling positive. I just want to be at my target weight and feel good about myself. I hate feeling heavy and lazy and it’s not a nice feeling when my clothes don’t fit. Just gotta stay focused! Xo

    If you’ve ever been in love before, you’ll totally understand where Kim is coming from. Those first few months to a year are a time when most couples gain the “love” pounds. It’s so sad how Hollywood instantly starts the baby rumors when a starlett gains a little weight. How about you wait for the celeb to make the announcement rather than wasting time speculating?


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  • Sweet Tea: Kim Kardashian Has a New BFF

    Kim Kardashian has a new little friend in her life that is sure to become a regular on her instagram. Say hello to Mercy, the white Persian cat that was given to her as a gift from rapper boyfriend Kanye West. She always wanted an exotic white Persian cat and Kanye figured that since she was going to be spending lots of time in Miami working on her reality show, she would need some company. Looks like this is the luckiest kitty on the planet and is soon to be the most photographed. He’s already hit the international scene as she tweeted pics of her little white fluffy bundle of love fast asleep on her lap en route to Australia. Just wait, it’s only a matter of time before Mercy has a Twitter page and a website of her own. Watch out Kris Kardashian, you may be managing Mercy’s career next!


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  • Sweet Tea: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Comic Book?

    Kim Kardashian posted this high fashion animated illustration of herself and boyfriend rapper Kanye West. Are Kimye planning on launching a cartoon or a comic book series? The answer is no! One of Kim and Kanye’s favorite fashion designer’s Hayden Williams sent Kim a super cute fashion illustration with the power couple sporting some original designs. Don’t you just love Kim’s leopard tights and Wonder Woman gold cuff? To die for!

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  • Sweet Tea: It’s Official! Amber Rose is Pregnant!

    It seems as though Amber Rose has been pregnant for the past two years. Every gossip site and magazine kept claiming the beauty with the blonde buzz cut was carrying boyfriend Wiz Khalifa’s baby even though she kept denying the rumors over and over again. Well, it finally seems as though the pregnancy rumors are true. Amber Rose is pregnant with child. A few recent shots of her have surfaced with a very noticeable baby bump. She hasn’t made an official statement to her fans and the press which is most likely due to her only being in her first trimester. I am sure she will make an announcement in the coming weeks. Congrats Amber!

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