• Curly Girl 101 – Sulfate-Free Shampoos

    Healthy curly hair has a lot to do with the products that you use on a daily basis. One of the most important and regularly used products in a curly girl’s arsenal is her shampoo. As we all know, shampooing your hair helps rid the hair and scalp of dirt, debris, oil and product build-up. The issue with most mainstream shampoos is that they are made for those with straight hair. Straight haired individuals need to wash their hair more frequently because their hair tends to get oily very fast due to the fact that their hair shaft is straight and the oil travels down from the scalp to the hair follicle with no interruption. When manufacturers formulate their shampoo products, they tend to put more detergents and other oil-stripping mechanisms into the formula which in turn helps eradicate the oil build-up from the scalp leaving hair clean, refreshed and healthy.

    Curly haired individuals have the opposite issue. Our hair tends to be dry as the curl pattern inhibits the natural oils from making its way down the hair shaft as quickly as our straight haired counterparts. When we use shampoos that are made for straight-haired individuals, our hair is stripped of the much-needed oils leaving our hair damaged, broken and extremely dry. That is why it is important to look for sulfate-free shampoos which are hair cleansers without the common detergents and other oil-stripping agents found in common shampoo products.

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  • The Benefits of Co-Washing – Curly Hair 101

    Co-washing may be a new term for many of you but it’s not a new technique. Co-washing is short for conditioner washing which means instead of washing your hair with shampoo and following it up with conditioner, you skip the shampoo step altogether and just wash your hair with conditioner. As a curly girl with multi-textured tresses, I have been utilizing this technique for years now and the results have been astounding!

    One of the reasons I love co-washing is because it allows me to keep my curls clean and hydrated without having to wash my hair with shampoo on a daily basis. The problem with curly girls shampooing their hair every day is that you are stripping your hair of its natural oils which can lead to damage, breakage and extreme dryness.

    As someone who works out on a daily basis, co-washing is the answer to ridding hair of sweat, dirt and product build-up. After a grueling workout, the idea of going to bed with a head full of sweaty, dirty hair is not an option. Usually what I do is rinse my hair and apply a light coating of conditioner. I let the conditioner soak into the hair while I finish showering. After a good five minutes or so, I wash out the conditioner,  gently detangle my curls with a wide tooth comb and let my hair air dry before heading to sleep.

    If you have never tried co-washing, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Not only is my hair healthy and shiny, it’s super strong and growing like weeds. I only shampoo my hair once a week and I typically use sulfate-free shampoos when I do wash. Curly hair is fragile, chronically dry hair which means you need to consistently maintain your moisture and hydration levels while limiting the amount of product build-up, sweat and dirt that accumulates in your hair.

    Another great benefit of co-washing is the moisturization of your scalp. As we all know, a healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. A dry, irritated scalp will lead to damaged hair follicles and breakage. As you nourish your hair with conditioner, you are also softening and hydrating your scalp.

    Co-washing is my healthy hair care secret and now it can be yours too!

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  • Product Review: Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser

    Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser Keeps Hair Hydrated and Cleansed

    I have a new love and its Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser! This sulfate-free cleanser (suds-free) is the ideal shampoo for curly girls seeking an excellent cleanse that also leaves hair feeling hydrated and nourished. On Saturday, I decided to use this product for the first time. First off, the scent is nice and clean which is always a plus as I like my hair products to smell delicious! I poured a small amount of shampoo into my hands and rubbed them together. Unlike traditional shampoos, Natural Curl Cleanser doesn’t suds up as it is sulfate-free which means it doesn’t contain the harsh, oil-stripping ingredients which cause freshly washed hair to feel dry and brittle. I raked the product through my hair and ran it through from my roots to my tips. I rinsed the shampoo out with lukewarm water and repeated once again. My hair felt clean and soft and ready for a nice dollop of conditioner. This is certainly my idea of a great shampoo and will remain in my rotation going forward as I have learned over the years that great hair starts with great products!

    Design Essentials, Natural Curl Cleansers, $12.95,

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