• From East to West!



    The world of fashion is truly a fickle one. Every second there is a new trend, new designer, new it girl and new muse in the spotlight waiting for their fifteen fashionable minutes of fame. Fortunately, there are some trends that are here to stay and one of those growing trends is the influx of Asian designers in the American fashion marketplace. With American fashion being one that encompasses so many different viewpoints, I solidly welcome the various aesthetics and style created by the up and coming Asian designers of today!

    Some of the industry’s best work is being produced by cutting edge, innovative designers who happen to be Asian and have garnered both critical and commercial success. Continue Reading

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  • Vogue India Reveals It’s “Deep, Dark Secret”


    As women of color in the US, we are unfortunately exposed to racism both from other groups and even within our own communities and usually it has to do with skin color. Light skin prejudices are not just a black/white issue but are a global problem that affects women throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, India, China, Japan and the Middle East.

    Thanks to Styleite, I learned of Vogue India’s bold move to put dark-skinned models on their cover. I was both excited and amazed as skin color and issues surrounding one’s color has been a long-standing problem within the Indian community. The story is more than just showcasing dark skinned beauties, its also about celebrating the unique skin tones that exist with the Indian community.

    The world is changing and its such an exciting time to be alive and watch as long-standing racism and prejudice begins to crumble and be replaced with acceptance, love and celebration of diversity!

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