• New Women’s Magazine Goes Against the Grain


    Women in the UK have something to rejoice about! A new fashion and style magazine dedicated to women over a size 10! I know it seems sort of silly to be celebrating something that should just be the norm around the world but in our size obsessed society, a magazine like this is breaking new ground! I am all about showcasing various types of beauty as there is no one single definition of what is or what is not a beautiful woman. We need to stop worrying about the dress size and focus on being healthy and feeling good which means fitting into the size that your body naturally belongs.

    I hope this magazine catches on throughout the UK and beyond. The US is long overdue for a publication like this one!

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  • From East to West!



    The world of fashion is truly a fickle one. Every second there is a new trend, new designer, new it girl and new muse in the spotlight waiting for their fifteen fashionable minutes of fame. Fortunately, there are some trends that are here to stay and one of those growing trends is the influx of Asian designers in the American fashion marketplace. With American fashion being one that encompasses so many different viewpoints, I solidly welcome the various aesthetics and style created by the up and coming Asian designers of today!

    Some of the industry’s best work is being produced by cutting edge, innovative designers who happen to be Asian and have garnered both critical and commercial success. Continue Reading

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  • New Fashion Accessory for Your Cell Phone?


    As if we don’t already have enough fashion accessories out there to purchase, there’s a new one on the horizon that’s set to revolutionize the cell phone and fashion industries. Cellies are a wrist band that you wear that looks like a fashion statement on one side and has an open mesh pocket where you slide your i-Phone on the other. It looks cool although its a bit too MTV for those of us who are thirty-something on up. I think it will be a winner with the tween and teen crowd as they can work the funky look!

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  • Beauty by the Book: Bright Bold Eyes


    Nothing says summer quite like bright, bold eye makeup. You can get away with wearing beautiful, rich shades since summer style is all about color, color and yes even more color. Check out this super cool tutorial on how to create a super sexy colorful eye!

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  • Beyonce Channels Hippie CounterCulture Vibe for Coachella


    My big brother who will be referred to as Unkie D ( he hates that by the way) had his first Coachella experience this weekend. For those of you who aren’t up on this music fest, Coachella is a ginormous weekend long open-air music festival held in Indio, California which is close to Palm Springs. Musical acts of all types converge on the festival which usually attracts anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 people.

    Jay Z headlined the Friday night show and even brought his babygirl Miss Beyonce up on stage to perform his hit song “Forever Young” in front of a crowd of thousands of excited fans. One thing about Coachella is that it is a very laid back scene style wise. With temperatures soaring into the 80’s and a dusty open field as your festival headquarters, there is no need to be dressed to the nines in sexy stilettos, skin tight jeans and a face full of glammed out makeup. Continue Reading

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