• How to Rock Your Scarf Like a Celeb


    What do Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss have in common? Yes, they’re all gorgeous, thin, fabulous women who we see in just about every women’s magazine on the stand. They also have amazing fashion sense, which is probably how they land in those magazines in the first place! One of these women’s very favorite accessories is the almighty scarf. Scarves are amazing accessories, providing a triple-threat: color, fashion and functionality. Plus, many of them just feel luxurious, plush and soft.

    Choosing a Color or Pattern


    Never match a scarf perfectly with what you’re wearing. That means choosing a scarf in a different shade of the color you’re wearing or a complementary hue. It also means not choosing a patterned scarf with the same exact design as a piece you have on. When you choose a scarf that looks just like what you’re already wearing, it doesn’t add anything extra to the outfit. However, don’t veer too off track. Follow celebrity style and pair a patterned scarf with a patterned top or a solid scarf with a solid outfit. Just make sure the colors are different enough to stand out.


    Infinity Scarves for Wintertime


    One of the biggest celebrity fashion trends during the wintertime is the loop scarf, also called an Affinity Scarf. Most of these scarves come in solid colors, but you can find ones with patterns, too. The fabric tends to be thick and warm, which is perfect for chilly weather. Simply slip one over your neck to bundle up. Some loop scarves are even big enough to be wrapped around several times.


    Summertime Scarves


    Flip through any tabloid magazine during the spring or summer and you’ll see plenty of snapshots of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood wearing scarves. Wondering how anyone can put a scarf on in 90 degree weather? The fabric is so thin and light that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing an extra layer. Wispy scarves can even be helpful during warm weather because they’ll add a punch of color or flare to a boring outfit. For example, if it’s so hot that you don’t want to put on a light jacket for a fancy dinner, a scarf can add that extra embellishment you want without being suffocating.


    Tips for Tying Scarves


    There are a number of different ways to tie scarves. The easiest and quickest way to wear a scarf is to fold it in half, ring it around your neck and then tuck the loose ends into the ring you’ve created. Most celebrities style their scarves like this, especially during the winter. You can also take a large square scarf that’s made from light or medium-weight material, fold it in half and tie the two corners around the back of your neck. Tying your scarf like this adds a ton style to whatever you’re wearing and can really spice up a bland top. Many celebrities also take their long, thin scarves and wear them as headbands, especially when they’re having a bad hair day.


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  • Fall in Love with the Season’s Best Beauty and Fashion Trends


    As seasons change, so do the hot and fashionable beauty tips and make-up trends. Fall beauty trends add style and dimension to the simplest of make-up routines. Daily beauty routines can be as complicated or as simple as the wearer chooses to use. Make-up choices and routines can be as natural or as chic as the occasion warrants.

    Try some of these tip-to-toe fall beauty trends and feel the instant transformation into the stylish and chic woman you dream of seeing in the mirror.

    Let’s Start with Make-up

    By simply beginning with a neutral base make-up and a barely there look, the face becomes a palette to create a sultry, fresh, dramatic or glamorous look. You decide the look you are trying to achieve and work from there. Here are a few ideas:

    The Eyes Have It

    Growing popularity with eye definition is shown in the presentation of cat eyes. Cat eyes can be achieved by using thin, dark eyeliner along the lash line of the upper lid. Eyeliner should be curved up ever-so-slightly at the outside edge of the lid, hence the cat eye appearance.

    Some women do not like the cat eye look so opt to make their eyes appear more dramatic by applying several layers of dark colored mascara.

    Thick eyebrows have replaced the formerly popular skinny brow look. Strong, full brows create a sexy but take-me-seriously appearance. The heavier eye make-up look clearly supports the fall and winter season’s more layered wardrobe.

    Dusty rose, not the old-fashioned pink, eye shadow has replaced the formerly popular taupe eye shadow. Neutral tones are becoming quite prevalent in eye shadow color.

    Let’s Get Cheeky

    Two tones are becoming popular in cheek color, whether using powder or cream blush application: a pinky bronze or a peachy honey-colored blush. Gone are the bronzy tones that made you look tanned all year.

    Now Onto Hair Styles and Trends

    Casual hairstyles are the latest season’s trend. Soft, loose styles, whether tied back or loose curls, are both chic and comfortable. There are several popular hairstyles being shown for daywear and special occasions alike. Try one of these trending hairstyles:

    ·      Loosely pulled back hair where the hair is worn half up and half down

    ·      Low, braided ponytail starting at the nape of the neck

    ·      Low, side-swept bun

    ·      Blunt bangs with otherwise long, straight hair

    ·      Short bob-style haircut, with blunt bangs or not

    Vary your hairstyle to suit the outfit you choose to wear and the day’s schedule you have planned.

    The Finishing Touch of a Manicure and Pedicure

    Nail polish is making a strong fashion statement. Nails are no longer shown in a subtle pink or nude color. Rather, they are shiny and bold in color. Short, square shaped nails are replacing the long, pointed look of earlier days. The most frequently shown fall manicure and pedicure colors and tones are:

    ·      Jewel-toned colors like sapphire, emerald, khaki, plum or gray

    ·      Metallic and sparkle colors including gold, silver, copper, gunmetal and bronze

    ·      Bold colors like purple, teal and pumpkin

    ·      Dark nail polish including burgundy or dark red

    What is Your Look Going to Be?

    Every woman has the choice about what her fall beauty look will be, dramatic or subtle. The color palette of make-up she chooses will dictate her finished style and appearance.

    The best seasonal beauty trend advice:

    Mix and match a few of the aforementioned fall trends until you achieve the look you desire. There is a perfect combination just waiting to be created.

    Michelle Meinecken maintains an Etsy store selling quilted goods and accessories and loves shopping for women’s shoes. She also play saxophone in a band with her husband.

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  • Style File: Fall in Love with Kim Kardashian’s Style

    If you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian, then you’re most likely a huge fan of the reality TV star’s fashion and style. Check out a few of the reasons why Kim Kardashian stays at the top of the fashion’s best dressed list:

    Obsession with Fashion

    The Kardashians love fashion!  “Designing is the most exciting thing I’ve done. I have a vision of what I want [the clothes] to look like in my mind and its fun to see it come alive on paper,” says Kim.  The sisters had a clothing store before the show. They were styling and Kim had a closet business.  They were obsessed!



    White is Kim’s favorite color. She has a white car and loves white! She believes her sense of style is evolving. “I’m figuring out ways to be sexy without having to flaunt it,” says Kim.



    She was inspired by the movie Clueless and that fashion was her life. She would wear the outfits from Judy’s. She had 10 of the outfits that Cher had. Also, she says it was pretty cool to have different colored beepers.

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  • Pantone Spring 2013 Colors for Women

    The Spring 2013 Pantone colors have been announced and boy am I excited for spring! With bright tones and medium hues, this coming spring is all a swirl of color done in a deliciously sophisticated way. One of the reasons why I love checking out Patone’s Fashion Color Analysis is because it helps me figure out what the trends are going to be and what colors will be dominating fashion, accessories, home design and beauty. Check out the yummy hues that will have you smiling next spring!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With… Bakers Shoes Ash Ton C Bootie

    Bakers Shoes, Ash Ton C Ankle Bootie, $120,

    Okay ladies and gents, there are only ten days left before the official first day of autumn but that doesn’t mean you cannot start flaunting your fall-ready fashion. One of my newest faves for fall is this gorgeous seude bootie. How chic! I love the fact that it is done up in the fall’s hottest fabrication suede with a patent leather cap toe and heel. This sexy bootie works well with jeans, slacks, dresses and skirts and is a wonderful way to tie in the leather trend that was all over fall 2012 fashion runways. The rich cognac color pairs well with just about anything as it’s a warm neutral that enlivens any look.

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