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    I have an obsession with body scrubs. I love how the granulated sugar feels as it gently removes dead skin. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels as I wash the scrub away with lukewarm water. I especially love the delicious scents most body scrubs leave behind. With the summer sun literally frying my skin, I have found that I am constantly in need of quality body scrubs in order to keep my skin soft, supple and smooth. One of my newest favorites is FeedMySkin Strawberry Scrub in a Tub. This delightful, organic scrub is made with granulated sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, real strawberries, cocoa powder and coffee. What I love about this line of skin care products is that they must be kept in the freezer to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and formulations.

    In order to use the scrub, I had to defrost it overnight in my refridgerator. After a grueling workout, I decided to treat myself to a nice total body scrub. I dipped my hands into the container and scooped out enough to do one arm. I immediately noticed the sweet fruity scent that was heavenly and delectable. I scrubbed one arm and could instantly feel the smoothness coming on. I proceeded to do my entire body excluding the face. This scrub is not for the face as it would be too abrasive and could cause irritation or other skin issues. I highly recommend this product for those with normal skin. Those with sensitive skin might fine the sugar granuales to be a little too harsh and those with oily skin will most likely not like the oil left on the skin after washing away the sugar granuales.

    Another key thing to remember is to not use this scrub or any other scrub on skin with open sores, lesions or abrasions. Scrubs will only exacerbate the problem and may lead to more harm and additional healing time. All in all, I love this scrub and will be using it all summer long to keep my skin swimsuit ready!

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    June 20, 2012 • Beauty News, Product Review, Skincare • Views: 1106