• Product Review: GO Clear Skincare Kit


    As a beauty editor for magazines and websites, I am always learning about the latest beauty developments which gives me an inside scoop on what consumers can expect to see popping up on the shelves and counters of their favorite beauty retailers.

    The instant I heard about the GOClear Skincare Kit, I knew this would be one of those products that is going to make an impact on the beauty scene. GOClear Skincare is all about utilizing nutrient rich ingredients that restore and revive skin without the drying and irritating effects often found in other skincare lines. GOClear is skincare that delivers fresh, clean gorgeous skin.

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    September 8, 2010 • Product Review, Skincare • Views: 731

  • BFF! Beauty Fabulous Find! Cetaphil


    As someone who firmly believes in keeping your skin looking its best, I have a wonderful BFF for you today that will not only give your skin fantastic results but won’t have you crying poor mouth either! Cetaphil is a beauty industry favorite as its gentle on the skin since it doesn’t contain many of the harsh ingredients found in traditional cleansers. Because the formulation is void of oil-stripping additives, this cleanser doesn’t foam and lather up but it does get your skin nice and clean, ridding it of dirt, oil and impurities while leaving skin hydrated and nourished. The cleanser is almost like a two in one product since your skin feels so moisturized afterwards that it seems as if you don’t need to add a moisturizer.

    Love it! It’s a must have for your daily skin care routine – no matter what the season!

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  • H&M is Going Green



    My favorite spot H&M is going green with a new organic skin care line set to launch later this year. H&M is one of the best places for great fashion for affordable prices. Many of the top designers from Jimmy Choo to Sonia Rykiel have collaborated with the top fashion destination. The beauty department has been pretty lackluster with just a few small items such as; lip gloss and body lotions for sale. Continue Reading

    March 4, 2010 • Skincare • Views: 450