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  • Do-It-Yourself Winter Skin Care Recipe – Cucumber & Honey Mask

    DIY Skincare for Winter is Easy, Fun and Affordable!

    Whether we encounter the artic blasts of cold air or the dehydrating effects of in-door heating, our poor skin goes through so much turmoil during the winter season it makes perfect sense why our skin isn’t at its best. With so many different products on the market and expensive services available, I felt the need to break down how simple skin care can really be so you don’t go broke trying to care for your skin.

    You can make so many of your favorite skin care product right at home with items found in your local grocery or health food stores. Here are three of my favorite recipes that you can make this winter for skin that will have people wondering what’s your secret?

    Cucumber & Honey Mask - This easy to make hydrating mask offers several benefits including toning, moisturizing, lightening and clarifying. The all-natural ingredient list makes this something you can make without batting an eyelash. You probably have all the ingredients in your refridgerator right now!

    • ½ Banana
    • ½ Cucumber
    • 1 Tbsp. Honey
    • 4 Tbsp. Lemon juice

    Take a bottle of honey and make it smooth and easy to work with by microwaving or heating it up in a warm bottle that is resting on top of simmering warm water. While your honey is loosening up, add your banana and cucumber to your food processor or blender and blend into a puree. Add lemon juice and honey to the puree until you have created a paste. Apply the mask to freshly washed skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove with warm washcloth. Repeat once a week for optimal results.

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  • Product Review: LUSH 9 to 5 Cleanser

    LUSH, 9 to 5 Cleanser, $19.95,

    Now that I am officially leaving summer behind and preparing for fall, one of the areas where I have made a dramatic shift is with my skin care routine. I’ve left the gel and foaming cleansers behind in favor of milky, creamy cleansers that nourish and refresh while ridding skin of dirt and oil. One of my new favorite cleansers is LUSH 9 to 5 Cleanser. This botanically-enriched cleanser includes everlasting flower absolute, dove orchids and almond oil for a cleanser that is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The first thing I noticed with this gorgeous cleanser is the floral scent which is light and simple. The creamy texture is the next aspect of this cleanser that I love. It glides onto the skin effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. So much so, I almost skipped using my moisturizer. I highly recommend this amazing cleanser for anyone transitioning from summer to fall. This gentle cleanser will wash away the remnants of dehydration, excess sun exposure and environmental pollutants leaving skin rejuvenated and thoroughly cleansed.

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  • BFF: Beauty Fabulous Find! NP Set

    NP Set Cosmetics and Skin Care,

    Napoleon Perdis has one of the most successful beauty brands on the market. He is known for his high-end collections that are always on trend and feature exquisitely crafted products that women around the world absolutely adore. Something many beauty fans may not know is that Napoleon Perdis also has a mass market version of his high-end makeup line called NP Set. NP Set includes makeup and skin care and can be found at Target stores nationwide and online. I absolutely LOVE his NP Set collection and swear by his palettes as they are perfect for a girl on-the-go. The skin care collection is equally magnificent with botanical based formulations. Check out the entire collection of makeup and skin care at your local Target.

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  • Beauty News: Bethanny Frankel Brings SkinnyGirl to the Beauty World

    Bethenny Frankel Launches SkinnyGirl Skincare

    Reality TV star and SkinnyGirl Margaritas creator, Bethenny Frankel is expanding her empire yet again! She recently announced her foray into the beauty industry with SkinnyGirl Face & Body Solutions and SkinnyGirl Mommy skin care collections. The products will be sold in Wal-Mart and any single product will retail for less than $15. The products will range from face creams to lip glosses and are a fragrance collection based on the SkinnyGirl cocktails will also be available.

    Bethenny Frankel recently reported on her upcoming collection with

    “I don’t make false promises.…I don’t want people to think in three days they’ll have no cellulite. That’s not going to happen,” she explains.  “I have no idea how people could just stamp their name on something,” she tells WWD. “I’m obsessed. I use everything, I named every single product. I created the packaging and the logo.”

    Both collections are due in select Wal-Mart locations in November and will be offered nationwide by the Christmas holidays so you might want to put SkinnyGirl Face & Body on your holiday wish list!

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  • Product Review: Bodycology Rich & Creamy Body Lotion

    After a few incredible days lounging at my pool, my freshly tanned skin was in desperate need of hydration and moisturization! In the summer months, I tend to lean towards body oil as this soaks into the skin and gives my skin a gorgeous sheen. However, whenever my skin has been exposed the sun for a length of time, I need to up the ante in the hydration department which means that I leave the body oil on the shelf and reach for rich, creamy lotions.

    Bodycology, Rich & Creamy Body Lotion, $3.97,

    That’s where Bodycology comes in! I recently started using their ridiculously nourishing rich & creamy body lotion and I am so thrilled to say it is my new favorite body moisturizer! I love the creamy consistency of the lotion and the scent is out of this world. Cocoa butter and warm vanilla come to mind when I think of how sweet and luscious this lotion smells. It has made my sun-drenched skin soft, smooth and fabulous! Also, the scent lasts all day so I can forgo body splashes or perfume whenever I slather myself in this amazing lotion. Its perfect for summer and will most likely be making it way into my fall skincare regimen. I love this lotion and I have no doubt in my mind that you will too!

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