• Top 4 Deal Apps for Shoppers!

    The Internet may have a lofty reputation as the first truly democratic medium, teeming with untold bits of important data just waiting to be snatched up by eager minds. But a lot of people just want to shop. Yes, the Internet is as much known for commerce as anything else, and never in the history of the world has the act of making purchases been easier or more convenient. And just as there are many online retailers, so too are there many online deals. So many, in fact, that it would be impossible to even scratch the surface of online discounts by going page by page through search engine results. So with that in mind, here are the best online shopping discount and deal apps in 2013.

    Hukkster – free

    Billing itself as a “personal shopping concierge,” Hukkster is the perfect virtual assistant for those who don’t like paying full price for anything – which is everyone in this day and age. The app features a bright and easy layout that tracks a variety of products and offers alerts the moment said item goes on sale. Users of this app can create fully customized lists and receive coupons as well.
    Kaleidoscope – free

    This option looks to be catnip for fashionistas, as it offers countless current photos of street style, runway shows, blogging news – all geared to keep the user abreast of the latest worldwide fashion trends. As for the discounts, the app can locate a wide variety of clothing options on sale and provide the user with the cheapest options.

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  • How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Shopping for jewelry is no longer the simple process it once was.  Today you have to watch for stones that are simulated, created or treated.  The metals come in so many different terms; it can get confusing to know whether something is “real” or not.  The best way to avoid issues is to educate yourself and buy from sources that you trust.

    Know the Terminology

    When it comes to the metals, it’s still easy to know what you’re getting if you know where to look.  Gold, silver and platinum are all marked somewhere on the piece if it’s real and with what grade.  Have the seller show you the markings if you can’t find them.

    Gemstones are another matter entirely.  Natural is considered out of the earth and “real” but you can actually get “real” stones created from the labs as well.  The difference between the stones is the amount of time it took to create them.  Labs simulate the same conditions as the earth just in a faster process.  That being said, lab created stones cost substantially less than natural ones.  Simulated equals fake, usually glass made to look like the stone.  Be careful because some jewelers will try to pass off the cheap stones for the natural ones and charge the higher price.

    You also need to be aware if the stones are treated and how.  Some treating is okay and normal but some forms used attempt to make a stone look like another one, thus creating a fake.  Some treated stones also need special care to keep the look.

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  • Style File: Louis Vuitton – The IT Handbag of the Millennium

    In 1854, Louis Vuitton Malletier founded a French fashion house and the rest is history. The well-known signature LV monogram identifies the current Louis Vuitton label.

    Louis Vuitton has been dubbed the most valuable luxury brand in the world since 2006, valued at $25.9 billion. LV never sells their products at a sale price. Never.
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  • How to Beat the Online Christmas Shopping Deadlines

    If you are shopping online for your Christmas gifts, there is one thing that you must be aware of: the various shipping companies including the United States Postal Service have a variety of deadlines that must be considered when placing your order and choosing your shipment options. Throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas, there are dates to keep in mind. Those dates change annually, thus the ones we have featured here are for 2012 only.
    United States Postal Service
    Priority mail must be sent out by Dec. 3 for Christmas arrival abroad. Eight days later the international express mail deadline kicks in. For military members, you have until Dec. 17 to ship mail and packages for Christmas arrival. Most remaining international shipping for Christmas arrival takes place on Dec. 19.
    Parcel post packages can still get where they’re going on time if shipped by Dec. 14. First class mail can be sent as late as Dec. 20 and arrive no later than Christmas Eve. The deadline for priority mail this year is Dec. 21 and for express mail it is Dec. 22.
    Private package delivery company FEDEX will get packages to your destination on or before Christmas when select deadlines are followed. FEDEX does not deliver mail, but they do send packages worldwide.
    Within the United States, but not including Puerto Rico, home delivery and FedEx ground deadlines are on Dec. 17. Express Saver is Dec. 19, 2-Day is Dec. 20, and standard, priority and first overnight is Dec. 22. Same day service on Christmas Day is still available.
    The United Parcel Service states that packages sent by UPS 2nd Day Air picked up on Dec. 20 will arrive on Dec. 24. Next Day Air packages picked up on Dec. 21 will also arrive on Dec. 24.
    A pickup service for scheduled pickup account customers for air and international shipments if arranged in advance can be completed on Dec. 21 for delivery on Christmas Eve. On-Call Pickup and drop boxes are also available. UPS does not deliver packages on Christmas Day, but does offer express critical services for urgent packages.
    Shipping Considerations
    Customers shopping online must realize that two things should be considered when buying a gift late and desiring shipment in time for Christmas.
    1. The assumption is that the gift item or items you want are in stock. If not, you need to know if part or all of you order is being backordered. If some items are available now, can these be shipped on ahead to arrive in time for Christmas? You may be charged separate shipping to split your order, something that you will want to determine when placing your order.
    2. You know that later shipping incurs much higher costs. The closer you get to a holiday, the more it will cost you to ship your items. Do not expect that the standard shipping charges found on your retailer’s website apply. Instead, you should be given some options on how to get you package delivered as quickly as possible for the lowest possible price. Keep in mind that your retailer may only deal with the USPS and one of the shipping companies, but perhaps not both.
    Most online retailers post deadline information right online. You may a general cut off date for Christmas delivery along with expanded options for later shipment at a greater cost. Whatever option you choose, ask your retailer for shipment information so that you can track your order. The last thing you want is a package that has arrived at central processing near your home but is not deliverable due to the lateness of the day. In this case you may be able to pick up the package with your receipt in hand.
    Robert Langdon is a professional blogger that writes for Great Deals offers thousands of deals at hundreds of retailers including Macys coupon codes.

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  • Style File: OMG! H&M Set to Build Largest Store Ever in New York in 2013!

    If you’re a fashion obsessed woman or man, you will definitely appreciate this amazing bit of news! H&M is looking to build it’s largest store yet in New York City. The six story mega store will boast every collection that H&M makes including; women’s and men’s ready to wear and sportswear, children’s clothes, lingerie, accessories, maternity, special sizes, cosmetics and home goods. Yes, I said home goods too! This new retail space will be on the corner of 48th Street and Fifth Avenue. The president of H&M, Daniel Kulle, recently commented on the exciting new project:

    “H&M believes strongly in the New York City market. This new H&M flagship location will stand out amongst our already impressive group of stores that cover the New York City landscape and will for sure be a destination on Fifth Avenue, a world famous and historic thoroughfare.”

    This is yet another excuse to make my major shopping pilgrimage to New York.

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