• Sephora Nails it Just in Time for Summer

    SephoraOPINails are the new platform for self-expression and creativity and with several amazing new collections and nail art on the scene, there’s no excuse for pale pink nails or basic French manicures any more! I love the amazing range of nail accessories available at Sephora these days. There are appliques that you can adhere to your nails for cool designs and styles. There are special polishes that help add that dazzle and sparkle to your nails.

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  • Mary J Blige’s “My Life” Perfume is Sure to Top the Charts



    Mary J. Blige can now add beauty mogul to her long list of accomplishments. Not only is she part owner of the internationally renowned Carol’s Daughter company but now she has launched her first fragrance under the same company and is set to be one of the top selling celebrity perfumes of the summer! Continue Reading

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  • Couture Cosmetics: Tokidoki Beauty Hits Sephora


    I have an unhealthy obsession with pop art, specifically with Japanese pop art that features these cute, colorful characters. I think it all started with my Hello Kitty craze back in the 80’s and early 90’s. I still have a problem walking past a Sanrio store without stopping and checking out the latest pencils, pens and erasers. Beauty newcomer Tokidoki is fusing the pop art form with beauty products for a delectable combination that is part couture and part fantasy all rolled into one stylish collection. Continue Reading

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  • The British Invasion – Beauty Style


    Not since “The Beatles” has the US encountered such a major cultural invasion from across the pond. The beauty world is all abuzz about several new brands that have taken the US beauty business by storm. When it comes to beauty, it truly is an international scene that encompasses traditions, customs and trends from around the world. The British approach to beauty is quite similiar to their approach to fashion, edgy, bold and not for the faint at heart.

    Illamasqua is the edgiest brand to make a strong debut in the States. It is part MAC, part Vincent Longo and part NYX all rolled up into one unique package. Created for professionals and makeup lovers who are anything but unconventional, this brand is whimsical, fun, fashion forward and fabulous and I can’t wait to try out their amazing pigments, lip glosses and bronzers!You can find this fashion forward line at Sephora.

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  • Tarina Tarantino Debuts New Color Collection at Sephora

    TarinaTarantinoOMG! How do I live for Tarina Tarantino. As someone who believes that all things should be sparkly, glimmering and shimmery, she is my queen and the ruler of my world. I first became aware of Tarina when I spotted one of her gorgeous luxe renditions of Hello Kitty! Miss Kitty was decked out in pink crystals and floated around the neck of some insanely beautiful celebrity like a brilliant diamond pendant. I had to have it. So thus began my obsession with Tarina and her fabulous fantastical take on all things glamour and beauty. So, now that she has launched her amazing new makeup up collection with Sephora – I know I will be an avid fan and supporter of her products. I am sure I will be reviewing her lip glosses and other products shortly so check back in the coming weeks for my product review of Miss Tarina – the Goddess of Sparkle!

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