• Beauty News: Nicki Minaj Reveals New Perfume!

    Nicki Minaj is the queen of self-promotion. Her latest venture is a signature perfume that is sure to be a sweet success – especially with the holidays looming. The fragrance is called Pink Friday ( no surprise there) and smells “like angels playing” according to the pint-sized diva. She took to Twitter earlier this week and sent out a shot of the bottle which is truly a Nicki Minaj fan’s dream come true. A miniature version of Minaj dipped in gold rocking her famous pink wig with a bustier and a gold Nicki Minaj chain. It’s the Christmas gift Barbz around the world will be thrilled to see dangling in their Christmas stocking. The fragrance hits stores in September.

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  • Beauty News: Nicole Richie is Launching Her First Fragrance

    Nicole Richie has come a long way. Remember when she was the wild child sidekick to Paris Hilton on their hilarious reality show “The Simple Life”? She was the comedic relief to Paris’ narcissistic and oftentime vapid persona. Fast forward several years later and Nicole is a highly respected fashion designer, business woman, wife and mother to two children with rock star hubby Joel Madden and most recently a judge on reality show “Fashion Star”. Looks like Nicole is taking a cue from “Fashion Star” co-judge Jessica Simpson’s playbook by launching her first fragrance. What can you expect of this new fragrance? The fragrance is said to have the scent of “succulent blackberry and radiant  Seville orange, followed by a creamy composition of golden amber and a bouquet  of Moroccan rose, lily of the valley and papyrus.” One of the things I love about the new perfume is the flacon. Its sophisticated and art deco inspired. We can expect to see the new fragrance hit stores in the early fall.

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  • Beauty News: Jennifer Lopez Rolls Out Her 18th Fragrance – Glowing

    Jennifer Lopez may be one of the biggest superstars in the world but she’s also one of the top selling beauty moguls too! She recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with Coty fragrances with whom she collaborated on 18 unique fragrances that are sold to over 25 countries and have netted over $2 billion dollars worldwide. On the heels of her 10th anniversary, the spicy beauty just launched her 18th fragrance Glowing which has already broken records with huge sales in Khol’s stores nationwide.

    Glowing is such a clean fragrance. That’s what I’ve always been about. I like soapy, clean smells. This is a very woodsy scent. So it’s not exactly what I created 10 years ago — it’s the evolution of that. At the essence, it’s still natural, earthy, clean and real, but a little different side of that. It’s the woodsy side of it, which I think is kind of New York-y, darker and sexier”, said Jennifer Lopez to wwd.

    With fresh top notes of mandarin, bergamot and cypress, this lovely fragrance opens up bright and clean. Middle notes of sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli add a sensuality that comes alive with each passing moment. Finally the dry down includes vanilla, cashmere musk and sultan amber.

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  • Beauty News: Bond No 9 Debuts New Same Sex Marriage Fragrance

    With so much attention being paid to the Gay Marriage debate that is currently raging across this country, it seems fitting that Bond No 9, a world-famous perfume maker would launch a special, limited-edition unisex fragrance entitled I Love New York for Marriage Equality in honor of the countless supporters of marriage equality and gay rights. With the date 7/24/11 – this was the actual date when New York made gay marriage legal in the state and a rainbow flag, the flacon is a super chic and a great gift for all gay marriage supporters and advocates. This spicy, woodsy scent is perfect for men and women as it starts off with notes of juicy notes of mandarin and gourmand plum, cinnamon and nutmeg, settles into rose, jasmine and ginger lily and dries down to amber, cashmere and sandalwood. Something tells me this scent will be flying off the shelves when it hits stores this month.

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  • Sweet Tea: Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed on Red Carpet

    Kim Kardashian has had her share of scrutiny and ridicule but she’s never had it thrown in her face before, until last week. The reality TV star and mini-mogul was on the red carpet at the launch of her newest fragrance True Reflections. She was posing for the paps when a woman yelled “fur hag” and threw a bag of white powder all over the curvaceous black leather clad star. The security swiftly located the young woman who threw the flour and escorted her off the premises. Kim cleaned up and came back on the red carpet to cheers and claps from the media. She joked about asking her makeup artist for more powder but not wanting that much. Check out the scene for yourself!
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