• Beauty Fabulous Find! Organizers!


    So, I’m moving to a new apartment in November and that means I get to set up my new place the way I always imagined- it’s like getting a fresh new start! In efforts to organize my personal beauty stash and keep my bathroom from looking like a makeup counter at Bloomingdales, I am going to invest in some storage options. I’ve been eyeing these organizers at WalMart and they make the perfect storage unit for my personal makeup.

    It’s best to compartmentalize your makeup into individual sections so that you know exactly where everything is. For example, place your eyeshadows in the top compartment. Put all eyeshadows and eye pigments in this section – from loose shadows to palettes and cream shadows. Next section can be devoted to blush and bronzer. The bottom section can be for all of your lip products, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip liners etc..

    For eyeliners and mascaras, find a nice sturdy plastic pencil holder and place that next to your organizers. Place all of your eyeliners and mascaras into the pencil holder for easy access!

    October 5, 2010 • Beauty Fabulous Find!, Makeup • Views: 291