Nail Polish

  • The Bold and The Beautiful


    I have come a long way! I mean a long way. Not but a few months ago, bright colors on fingers or toes was just outrageous and a request that would fall on deaf ears. I was a slave to my light pink, pretty peaches and milky white shades that were soft, sweet and sophisticated. I am an Essie fanatic. I won’t go to a nail salon that doesn’t have Essie because I already know that my favorite color Marshmallow won’t be available which means I will have to settle for some inferior version. Continue Reading

    April 5, 2010 • Makeup, Uncategorized • Views: 498

  • Purple Reign


    OMG! This is the most beautiful purple shade I’ve seen in a long time! Nars Purple Rain is the latest in a line of gorgeous shades for spring that look like little bottles of shimmering liquid diamonds. Couldn’t you imagine this decadent shade on your toes peeping out of a pair of snakeskin peep-toe platforms? So fierce and fab!

    At only $16.00 per bottle, this is a steal as this color will be your go to color for the entire spring season!

    March 9, 2010 • Makeup • Views: 339