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  • Beauty News: Brown Girl Beauty Collective Launches Multicultural Beauty Series in Atlanta

    I am super excited to announce my newest venture Brown Girl Beauty Collective. Created with fellow beauty editor and one of my favorite ATL chicas Kimberly Walker, Brown Girl Beauty Collective is a special beauty series made specifically for women of color. This series will highlight the latest beauty, skincare, makeup, fragrance, hair and health brands made for and by women of color. We are all about shining awareness on niche brands that cater to our communities with unique products that service our needs in ways many other products don’t.

    The series currently will be held in Atlanta but we have plans to take this super fun concept nationwide in the very near future. Each event will be held bi-monthy in a swanky location where our participants can come for an afternoon or evening of enlightenment, education, fun and information. What makes this series really cool is that the women who attend will get a chance to learn very detailed information about the brands we are highlighting and the particular products that we plan to showcase. Kimberly and I will give our opinions on how the product/s worked for us and will answer questions in regards to our experiences with these products.

    In addition to our expertise as beauty contributors and editors for several of the top African American magazines including, JET,, Upscale, Sister 2 Sister, Juicy and many more, we will have a specialist or brand marketer to answer any and all clinical questions that may delve deeper than Kim or I can attempt to answer. There will be refreshments and goodie bags for each and every participant along with information on the product/s for futher education.

    If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to attend a future event, please feel free to contact us at also please follow us on Twitter @BrownGirlBC

    Brown Girl Questions. Brown Girl Solutions.

    Stay tuned for more!





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  • True Beauty

    We are women!

    As a woman it is really important to feel happy and positive about yourself. In the past women have not always had the easiest of times and in some countries they are still not treated as equals to men. It has taken hundred of years for women to ensure they are heard in society, that they get to vote and that they are treated equally to men. It has been a long battle but one that has paid off in the end.

    Women need to recognise how important they are in society and how their actions are equally as important as men. In recent years it has become common for women to be obsessed by the way they look. We want women to feel comfortable in their skin. At the end of the day whatever colour we are, we still grow up the same, we still get jobs, we still lust after an engagement ring from Seventy Seven Diamonds and we are all beautiful in our right.

    The focus of this website is for those who are multiracial or biracial. Whatever the colour of your skin is you should always be able to find beauty products that can complement you. Looking good and feeling you are a valued member of society will help you go on a fulfill all your dreams and goals. You should never feel any pressure to look a certain way or act a certain way. Instead as a woman you should be able to make your own rules and look the way you want to look.

    Being a woman is a remarkable thing that we should be able to make the most of if we wish to. Your beauty is already there we are just showing you how to enhance what you already have and go forward in life as confidently as you can with your head held high.

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