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  • My Newest Gig! Mixed Chicks Rocks!

    One of the many reasons why I haven’t been posting as frequently as in the past is due to my serious influx of freelance work ever since the new year began. From writing for Juicy Magazine, Sister 2 Sister and JET Magazine to working full-time as a digital copywriter for a marketing/advertising firm to editing and creating content for Compendium Publishing, the group that handles CVS Reinventing Beauty, I am booked solid these days! Well, I am so happy to announce my newest venture which I started in February of this year. I handle all social media for the amazing hair care company Mixed Chicks! If you haven’t heard of Mixed Chicks, you need to check them out! Mixed Chicks is the brainchild of friends, mixed chicks and curly girls Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge. They created the hair care line after so many years of frustration in search of products that would work well with their multi-textured tresses. It is truly an honor to be working with these two incredible ladies and their staff! To check out my blog posts - click here.

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  • Curly Girl 101 – Sulfate-Free Shampoos

    Healthy curly hair has a lot to do with the products that you use on a daily basis. One of the most important and regularly used products in a curly girl’s arsenal is her shampoo. As we all know, shampooing your hair helps rid the hair and scalp of dirt, debris, oil and product build-up. The issue with most mainstream shampoos is that they are made for those with straight hair. Straight haired individuals need to wash their hair more frequently because their hair tends to get oily very fast due to the fact that their hair shaft is straight and the oil travels down from the scalp to the hair follicle with no interruption. When manufacturers formulate their shampoo products, they tend to put more detergents and other oil-stripping mechanisms into the formula which in turn helps eradicate the oil build-up from the scalp leaving hair clean, refreshed and healthy.

    Curly haired individuals have the opposite issue. Our hair tends to be dry as the curl pattern inhibits the natural oils from making its way down the hair shaft as quickly as our straight haired counterparts. When we use shampoos that are made for straight-haired individuals, our hair is stripped of the much-needed oils leaving our hair damaged, broken and extremely dry. That is why it is important to look for sulfate-free shampoos which are hair cleansers without the common detergents and other oil-stripping agents found in common shampoo products.

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  • The Changing Face of Beauty: Multi-Ethnic Beauty Consumers On the Rise

    As a mixed race woman, the subject of the changing face of beauty is something I am very passionate about. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I didn’t have very many choices in hair care, makeup and skin care products created specifically for someone with multiple racial lineages. My background is Creole from Lousiana on my father’s side which is a mixture of African American, French, Native American and Spanish and Caribbean on my mother’s side which is yet another hodge podge of racial groups coming together to create a new culture.

    All of those mixtures have resulted in someone with unique features and unique needs when it comes to my beauty products. I cannot use traditional main stream hair care as my multi-textured tresses need moisture and hydration which many mainstream hair products don’t supply. I also cannot use ethnic hair care products as my hair is too fine and is often weighed down by the excess oil used in the formulation of these products. Thankfully brands like Mixed Chicks, Curls, Miss Jessie’s and others have surfaced as there are now options for me in the hair care arena that were never available before.

    In the world of makeup and beauty, the same can be said that many brands have added more shades to their foundation and powder lines along with creating new products with more pigmentation for women of color. It’s delightful to see beauty advertising change over the years from the traditional Caucasian model to showcasing models of various backgrounds from African American to Asian to Latina. Clinique is one brand that has been leading the charge with multi-ethnic models in their beauty advertising with the launch of their newest spot corrector and serum. As the world continues to change and evolve and the mixed race community continues to grow, makeup and beauty brands will be forced to recognize the changing face of beauty and will have to create products that incorporate all of their consumers or run the risk of being deemed obsolete.



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  • Beauty News: Mixed Chicks Now Sold at Target Stores

    Mixed Chicks creators - Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge

    Great news for all of you readers who are embracing their natural textures – Mixed Chicks is now sold in Target stores nationwid and online. Mixed Chicks is one of my favorite hair care lines and is one of the first curly girl lines that I ever endorsed. The creators of Mixed Chicks - Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge are two mixed race women who were on a mission to help women of all ethnicities and backgrounds enhance their natural curly/wavy/frizzy hair with products that nutured and protected their curls. The hair care duo started with a leave-in conditioner that defined curls and waves with just one application. They have graduated into a fully comprehensive line with shampoo, conditioner, styling aids and even products made for children. It is so wonderful to see this brand grow and gain national exposure as there are so many curly girls out there who will now get a chance to experience the Mixed Chicks hair care line for themselves. Run to your nearest Target store and grab some Mixed Chicks for beautiful curls you can be proud of!

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  • Product Review: Mixed Chicks Hair Silk

    Mixed Chicks Hair Silk Leaves Hair Shiny and Healthy

    Hair that shines and glows is equally as important as hair that feels soft and smooth. As someone with fine curly/wavy hair, I find it difficult to use traditional shine products as they tend to weigh my hair down giving it the awful greasy effect which is never attractive. Fortunately, there are products out there that offer up the shine I crave without creating limp lifeless curls. Mixed Chicks Hair Silk is a wonderful product that I am absolutely crazy about. It can be used on curly or straight hair. I mostly use it when my hair is curly. It leaves my hair gorgeously glossy!

    Mixed Chicks, Hair Silk, $11.99, www.mixedchicks.net

    With the soaring temperatures and record humidity, my poor curls have taken a beating and are in constant need of moisture, hydration and nourishment. Just the other day, my hair was looking dry and dehydrated and I didn’t have time to wash and condition my hair. I reached for my bottle of Hair Silk and after spritzing my hair with some water, I smoothed a dime-size amount of Hair Silk through my parched curls and let it air dry. Within fifteen minutes, my curls were shiny and beautiful. It looked as though I had washed and conditioned my hair even though I had only revitalized my curls with water and Hair Silk. This is a must-have product for any girl who wants enviable hair that shines and glows!

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