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  • Beauty by the Book: Job Interview Makeup Made Easy

    For those of you readers who are currently on the job hunt, there is nothing more troublesome than figuring out a simple yet beautiful makeup look that won’t be too distracting but will also make you look your best. I am currently doing the interviewing rounds and have found that less is always more when it comes to interviews. You don’t want to come off too garish or gaudy and run the risk of looking like a street walker or a clown. Your makeup and attire should never overshadow you. Check out this simple yet easy tutorial on how to achieve the perfect interview look.
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  • Beauty by the Book: Holiday Beauty

    It's the most glamorous time of the year!

    Now that we are officially in the holiday season – there’s nothing more fun than experimenting with your look and that means adding tons of sparkle and glitter and a bold, luscious red lip! I live for the holidays and love holiday beauty and that’s why I picked this fun yet glam-filled tutorial by Andrea’s Choice for you to check out!

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  • Beauty by the Book: Holiday Makeup

    Scarlett Johannson is the catalyst for this gorgeous holiday makeup tutorial!

    Scarlett Johannson is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. She’s also the inspiration for this Beauty by the Book Segment and the corresponding makeup tutorial. With the holidays approaching, a girl’s got to prepare for the myriad of soirees, office parties and other holiday festivities that are sure to come her way. Here’s a great tutorial on how to add some glamour and sophistication to your beauty routine just in time for the holidays!

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  • Beauty by the Book: Modern Metallics

    Modern Metallics are one of the hottest trends in beauty for fall!

    Metallics are often thought of as a summer beauty staple as they mimic the sunkissed look of bronzed golden skin after a long day of lounging by the pool. Fortunately, the metallic trend has seeped in the fall season this year which means you can carry over your favorite golds, bronzes, coppers from the summer and add a little silver for that cool autumnal tone. One of the best ways to wear metallics without going too far is to wash the eyelid with a nice cream based metallic shadow while leaving the rest of the face bare. It brings all of the attention and drama to the eye which is what metallics do best. Check out this super cool tutorial that showcases a very ornate way to wear metallics!

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  • Beauty by the Book: Halloween Series- Look #11 – Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian is sure to be one of the most popular choices for Halloween

    Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities on the planet right now which means her look is constantly dissected and copied by her fans and followers. She is certainly going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes for this year. It’s easy to dress up like Kim but her makeup can be a bit tricky. Check out this great tutorial on how to get the signature Kim Kardashian smokey eye!

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