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  • Beauty by the Book: Halloween Tutorial – Barbie

    Are you a Barbie girl? I know I am! I had tons of Barbies growing up and loved each and every single one until I reached the age of 11 and Barbies were no longer cool anymore. Barbie is an iconic part of Americana in that she symbolizes femininity, beauty and being a girl in the modern American world. Barbie had it all – from cool friends, a great boyfriend and even a fiesty little sister who loved to emulate her every move. She also had the best cars, a dope beach house and even owned her own McDonalds (I wish I could find the Barbie McDonald’s I used to own – I miss it so much). If you’re jonesin’ for some Barbie style this Halloween and want to dress up like your favorite plastic princess, you have to check out this fun makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween.
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  • Beauty by the Book: Halloween 2012 Makeup Tutorials – Wonder Woman

    One of the reasons why I love fall is Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about Halloween from the barrage of scary movies on every channel to dressing up in costumes. If you’ve been reading my blog for the past two years, you’ll know that I love to post fun Halloween tutorials that I find all over YouTube. They give me a lot of inspiration to create my own costume and makeup looks for Halloween. Here’s the first one for the year – it’s by Dulce Candy and its Wonder Woman. I think she did a great job making this look easy, wearable and totally doable for the makeup newbie out there! Check it out!
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  • Beauty by the Book: Fall Colorful Smoky Eye

    Fall is here! Yay! That means you can officially rock the smoky eye without looking too garish! One of the best ways to rock the smoky eye this season is with unsuspecting colors like purple, blue and green. One of my favorite tutorials on this colorful smoky eye is from BeatFaceHoney who has an awesome YouTube channel where she teaches you step-by-step on how to achieve the top beauty looks and trends. Check out this gorgeous green smoky eye!
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  • Fall on Your Face – Makeup Tutorial

    You know I love the dark lip trend for fall so I am always ready to hype up a look that showcases this super sexy trend. I recently found this fun tutorial from Dulce Candy displaying how to get J-Lo’s sultry fall-inspired look. I hope you enjoy and that this inspires you to run to your nearest drug store, department store or beauty retailer and cop a dark lip color!
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  • Beauty by the Book: Ombre Lips




    The ombre trend has been really big this year. From clothes to hair to accessories, everywhere you turn, you can see the ombre trend working its cool magic in the world of style. One of the most fun ways to do ombre is with makeup. I am loving the ombre trend on the lips. It’s super fun and very fashion forward. It pairs well with the nude trend that is big for fall where eyes and cheeks go natural and lips take center stage. One of the keys things about this trend is lip pencils as they help to map out the areas where you want to manipulate the color. Check out this fun tutorial from YouTube Beauty Guru Nikki!

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