• Product Review: Becca Cosmetics Glossy Lip Tint in Grenadine




    I am so in love with my new gloss. Its a glossy tint actually which makes it ideal for summer as it it gives the lips a light tint of color and a nice shine without going overboard. Becca Cosmetics has created a wonderful hybrid lip product that gives your lips that look as though you just polished off a delicious raspberry popsicle, sumptuous, juicy and luscious-looking lips.

    I decided to try the lip tint both with and without lip liner and the effect both times was dazzling. When worn alone, its an easy swipe of color that looks natural and effortless. To ramp it up a bit, I lined my lips with a neutral liner and then applied the gloss and the results were very sexy, a more pouty effect to the lip. I also love how long it lasts and that it never gets tacky or gooey on the lip.

    If you’re looking for a gorgeous lip product for the summer, this is it!

    Becca Cosmetics Glossy Lip Tint in Grenadine – $21.00

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  • Laura Gellar Lip Spackle

    Lip Spackle

    While doing my beauty research yesterday, I came across an amazing Makeup Artist – Kandee and she was replicating all types of different looks for her viewers on her Youtube channel. During her Kim Kardashian tutorial, she was talking about how to create the perfect nude lip and discussing how she uses this amazing product called Lip Spackle by Laura Gellar as it covers the lips, primes them and helps keep lipstick from feathering and bleeding.

    As many of you who follow my blog and tweets already know, I am obsessed with creating the perfect nude lip and any products that help achieve that look are definitely high on my “Must Try” list. Only thing about this product just from watching the makeup artist use it is that it doesn’t look like it would work well with darker skin tones – it seems to be made for fair to light skin tones.

    I am definitely going to check it out- stay tuned!

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  • Summer Lip Tricks


    Nothing says summer more than pool parties, bikinis, flip-flops, sunscreen and cherry popsicle stained lips! When we were younger, we had no clue how amazing our little popsicle stained lips looked without a touch of lip stick, gloss or liner. It was that natural stain that gave us that sweet little cherry pout and for the rest of our adult years, this is the look we are trying to mimic when temperatures begin to hit 80 degrees and above.

    Here are some of my favorite summer lip stains that will give you a more grown up and glamorous version of the classic popsicle stained lips we all love!

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  • Kiss Dry, Chapped Lips Goodbye!



    With summer on the horizon, I am already noticing a change in my skin, most noticeably my lips. If there’s one area of my face that really gets hit hard during the summer, it has to be my lips. They get super dry, cracked and very irritated which equals, not a good look! Since I am a gloss fanatic, I have to keep my lips looking their best or else run the risk of being the lip balm girl for the entire summer.

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  • Looking Beautiful Doesn’t Have to Burn a Hole in Your Bank Account


    Even though we are going through a financial crisis, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo looking your best and keeping your beauty regimen going strong. It may be difficult to justify spending $42 on a lip gloss but there are several economical beauty brands that offer high quality products at prices that are fair and even moreso fun.

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