• Bald Barbie for Cancer!!!!

    Bald Barbie for Cancer Ignites a Facebook Movement!

    I was skimming through my beauty blogs when I came across an article about a movement on Facebook for Mattel to create a bald Barbie that would be specifically for those fighting cancer or dealing with someone who has cancer. I LOVE the idea of a special bald Barbie. I think it would be a great tool for young girls dealing with the disease as well as for grown women fighting cancer. It’s also a self-esteem boosting tool for daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, mothers and friends of those with cancer or cancer survivors. Currently, the Facebook campaign has nearly 17,000 likes and is certainly growing minute by minute. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time next year, there will be a new Barbie devoted to the women around the world fighting cancer!

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  • Haute New Hairstyle: Willow Smith

    Willow Smith Works Her Latest Look! Haute or Not?

    Willow Smith is known for her wacky style choices and this Victorian wig is no different. The young singer was photographed shopping at Louis Vuitton with her famous big bro rocking the pink tinged Marie Antoinette wig. Rumor has it, the wig was given to the pint-sized singer by Nicki Minaj, a woman who knows all too much about the power of haute hair. Regardless of who gave Willow the wig, the fact that she wore it while shopping is pretty remarkable. She’s certainly not afraid to show off her wacky side and get a little crazy with her choice of wigs or hairstyle. I applaud her for having fun with fashion.

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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce and Jay Z Proud Parents of Baby Girl: Ivy Blue Carter

    Beyonce and Jay Z Welcome Baby Girl Ivy Blue Carter!

    With all of the controversy swirling around about Beyonce’s impending birth, it seems as though the high profile couple has made the birth of their daughter Ivy Blue Carter even more suspect. I am the first person to congratulate the birth of a new baby as it is truly a blessing and a wonderful event that should never be mocked or made light of. This is exactly why I am so bothered by the Beyonce and Jay Z pregnancy/birth. Why all of the secretive stuff? The couple rented out the entire 4th floor of the Lenox Hospital in New York where Beyonce checked in as Ingrid Jackson. Supposedly, the baby was born early in the morning via a scheduled C-section.

    I don’t know why I feel so skeptical about this baby’s birth but I do. Why not have a baby like other celebs without all of the fanfare and strange rumors? It has been pretty apparent that something was amiss when Beyonce made the grave mistake of going on an Australian talk show with a mishapen baby bump. It made many people think she wasn’t pregnant at all which has been the outstanding theory regarding her pregnancy. Supposedly she has a surrogate carrying her child and didn’t want to get pregnant out of worry that her body would not bounce back and she would lose her career. Let’s all hope and pray that’s not the truth. Even she had to use a surrogate for other reasons, i.e. fertility issues, she should have been honest about it and kept things on the up and up. Many celebs have used surrogates without anyone making any comments. The whole thing is strange.

    The proof will come out when she’s bikini body ready in three months. That’s when you know something wasn’t right as any pregnant woman with a normal body will tell you, it takes much longer than that to bounce back! Supermodels excluded of course!

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  • Style File: Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Kids Debuts at Target


    Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Kids Debuts at Target

    I am a huge fan of Gwen Stefani. She’s one of my favorite entertainers and certainly on my top list for most fashionable, funky and stylish! She’s taken her unique sense of style which fuses whimsical with tomboyish and has created a fashion and beauty empire which has almost eclipsed her singing career. With so much success from her ready-to-wear collection – L.A.M.B. and becoming a mother to two gorgeous little boys with rocker husband Gavin Rosdale, it made perfect sense that she would create a children’s line. Harajuku Kids is anything but your ordinary children’s clothes. From funky Japanese-streetwear inspired looks to funky punk-style tees and jeans, this collection is for the kid who wants to look different and relishes in making a statement when he/she gets dressed.

    The Harajuku Kids collection is now available at Target stores nationwide and

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  • Sweet Tea: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twin Babies Hit the Net!

    Nick and Mariah Show Off Their Little Bundles of Joy!

    With all of the hype surrounding Mariah and Nick’s twins, it’s wonderful to actually get a chance to see the two little angels for the first time. This past Friday, Nick and Mariah introduced the twins to the world on a special episode of the Barbara Walter’s show. On the same day as the airing of the show, Nick and Mariah launched their newest venture – a website devoted to their children called The site is 100% devoted to all things Monroe and Morocco and will be a great resource for fans of the couple to watch as their family grows. ou can see the little angels up close and personal after the jump:

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