• Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!

    If you said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” you’d probably be pretty close to accurate so listen up men! Nothing does it better than diamonds.

    Sure, she may say “I’d like a ruby for my birthday this year,” or perhaps she might add “emeralds are really nice, and I don’t have one.” Really? She is actually saying to you “if you can’t afford a diamond and you must get me something else, okay then.” Trust us, go for the diamonds.

    The nice thing about diamonds is like most things there are varying degrees and the non-super educated on diamonds woman isn’t really going to care so much about the quality, the scratches, the points and so forth. She is going to care you got her a diamond! Or better yet “diamonds.”

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  • How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Shopping for jewelry is no longer the simple process it once was.  Today you have to watch for stones that are simulated, created or treated.  The metals come in so many different terms; it can get confusing to know whether something is “real” or not.  The best way to avoid issues is to educate yourself and buy from sources that you trust.

    Know the Terminology

    When it comes to the metals, it’s still easy to know what you’re getting if you know where to look.  Gold, silver and platinum are all marked somewhere on the piece if it’s real and with what grade.  Have the seller show you the markings if you can’t find them.

    Gemstones are another matter entirely.  Natural is considered out of the earth and “real” but you can actually get “real” stones created from the labs as well.  The difference between the stones is the amount of time it took to create them.  Labs simulate the same conditions as the earth just in a faster process.  That being said, lab created stones cost substantially less than natural ones.  Simulated equals fake, usually glass made to look like the stone.  Be careful because some jewelers will try to pass off the cheap stones for the natural ones and charge the higher price.

    You also need to be aware if the stones are treated and how.  Some treating is okay and normal but some forms used attempt to make a stone look like another one, thus creating a fake.  Some treated stones also need special care to keep the look.

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

    Okay, I rarely do any name dropping on this blog because normally that type of stuff is annoying and totally unncessary. So I apologize profusely but in this instance I had to do it. Ever since Jennifer Meyer hit the accessories scene with her  delicate jewelry collection, I was hooked. Jennifer Meyer went to the same high school that I did back in Santa Monica, CA. She was two years behind me and was stylish even back in her high school days. It makes perfect sense that she would blossom into a highly sought after accessories designer. I love how refined yet wearable her pieces are. She has a delicate touch that is the ultimate in femininity and sophistication. Wearing a piece of jewelry should be personal and something about Jennifer’s designs comes across like heirlooms or unique pieces you pass down to your daughter or gift to your friends. I have my eyes on a few items and will definitely be gifting myself with some gorgeous pieces in the future!


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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With… Neon Jewelry

    As a child of the 80’s, I can certainly appreciate the power of neon. Everywhere we turned neon was making a major statement. From bangles and rubber gellies to hair clips and tank tops, neon was the trend of the 80’s that set that decade apart from any other. Fast forward to 2012 and neon is back and better than ever with a modern twist. Unlike the garish, punk rock styling of the 80’s, neon today is done in sophisticated ways that add whimsical touches to traditional designs and silohuettes. My favorite new way to wear neon is jewelry. There are some amazing new pieces available that are fun and fabulous all with touches of neon that give the piece an extra glow!

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  • Style File: Lana Jewelry

    Lana Jewelry, Chroma Twist Necklace, $1160,

    I love jewelry. There’s something really fun about piling a massive amount of gold bangles or working that oversized cocktail ring that makes me smile. Jewelry is something everyone can wear no matter what their size. So, you know I was super excited when I came across Lana Jewelry. OMG! Her collections are GORGE! I am currently infatuated with the Chroma Collection which features multi-colored sapphires strung together in a rainbow-like fashion. Fun, whimsical, exotic and just plain beautiful.

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