• Beauty by the Book: Halloween Barbie Style!


    Halloween is right around the corner so you know what that means! Y0u have the pick the perfect costume and look and what better look is there than Barbie? We all love Barbie, or at least I know I do! Check out this super cute Barbie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With….Halloween

    halloween-pumpkinSo, today is officially the first day of October. There are only two reasons October holds a place in my heart. 1) My mother’s birthday is in late October – yay!!!! 2) Halloween!

    Growing up, we celebrated Halloween to the fullest around my house. My mom and dad would buy a gigantic pumpkin and after scooping out the insides and popping the pumpkin seeds into the oven, my brother and I would carve out the face and place a candle on the inside right before placing our spooky pumpkin into the window.

    We dressed up as our favorite cartoon characters, singers, baseball players and much more. We trick or treated up and down the neighborhood and even watched all of the super cool Halloween themed cartoons that would pop up a few days before Halloween! I love this time of the year and always feel like a kid again when I see the candy corn and the jack’o lanterns hanging in store windows.

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  • Haute Halloween Creature of the Night Eye Wear Shadow and Liner in Raven


    The smoky eye is a look that is both classic but edgy and downright dangerous. I love the look both on and off the runway. When it comes to Halloween, the smoky eye is a must as it will take your look to that dark yet glamorous place that works well no matter what costume you’re rocking. Manic Panic’s latest collection Creature of the Night features several amazing products to help you create the ultimate decadently delicious smoky eye.

    One of my favorite products is their Eye Wear Shadow and Liner Kit in Raven… Continue Reading

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  • Haute Halloween – Manic Panic Style


    One of the reasons I love Halloween so much is the makeup. No other time in my life can I wear a foundation three shades lighter than my natural complexion or flaunt the perfect black lip. Halloween is the one time of the year where all beauty rules are cast aside and in its place lies imagination, creativity and fun!

    Just in time for Halloween, Manic Panic ( the cult classic cosmetics and hair color company from the 80’s ) is revamping their latest cosmetics collection with a dark but delicious twist. The Creature of the Night Collection is all about celebrating the various aspects of  the beauty of Halloween and carrying it over into our daily beauty routines.

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  • Beauty by the Book: Halloween Style


    Okay, I know Labor Day weekend just ended yesterday but as those of us in the beauty and fashion industry know, you’re always moving on to the next season. Halloween is fastly approaching and instead of dressing up in the same boring ghost costume (i.e. old bed sheet with holes for eyes) how about you try something sexy and glamorous instead?

    Check out this gorgeous tutorial by one of my favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus – Petrilude.

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