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  • Summer Stylin: Hair Removal 101

    So, you’ve just received your Victoria’s Secret bikinis in the mail and you’ve got your new beach tote packed to the brim with sunscreen, aloe vera gel, a bright lipgloss and your favorite designer beach towel. One thing you cannot leave home without this summer is a great bikini wax. Nothing dampers a sexy bikini or swimsuit more than unsightly hairs down there. The answer to this issue lives at your local salon or spa. Here are some great tips to help you get the smooth, hair-free bikini zone just in time for that pool party or beach day!

    • Always choose a reputable salon or spa. You don’t want to get a bikini wax done at your local nail salon as most nail salons are not as sterile an environment as is needed to perform safe waxing.
    • Do NOT schedule your waxing appointment the week before your period as your skin is thinner and your pain receptors are at their peak meaning you will have a tougher time handling the waxing procedure.
    • Before you arrive to your appointment, do a quick cleaning down below with wet wipes or a feminine wipe. It’s important that you keep that area clean and fresh as you will be exposing your private space to a perfect stranger. Also you want to keep the area as clean as possible so as to limit infection and irritation.
    • Always go with hard wax when doing your bikini area. Waxing strips are too painful as they sometimes remove the top layer of skin when pulled which can lead to scarring, bleeding and discomfort. Hard wax works best because it removes the hair directly from the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.
    • If you are prone to ingrown hairs, ask the esthetician to lightly dust the bikini area with baby powder as this helps to lessen the incidence of ingrown hairs and bumps.
    • Work on your breathing to help minimize the pain as the esthetician removes the hard wax. As she/he pulls the wax, you will want to exhale. Breathe in when she’s applying the wax, and breathe out when she’s removing it. This small step makes the entire experience bearable.
    • Be sure to wait 24 hours after your wax procedure before using any ingrown hair balms, creams or gels.
    • Before hitting the pool or the beach, apply a little extra sunscreen or sun lotion on the area to help prevent burning, irritation and discoloration.

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  • Acorelle Hair Removal Strips


    Acorelle Hair Removal Strips

    Let’s be honest – how many times have you gotten into the shower and thought to yourself – do I have to shave my legs again? I hate to admit it but I have to shave my legs everyday and that means going through razors and shaving cream like crazy. When I heard about the Acorelle Hair Removal Strips while reading my favorite beauty catalog by Bliss (html code –, I was so enthralled that I had to find out more. They are wax strips made in France (ooh la la – that just means your legs will be smooth and chic) and feature hypoallergenic wax with aloe vera and no signs of those nasty parabens. You just warm the strips up between your hands, apply to clean, bare legs and viola – you’ve got smooth, hair-free skin for up to two weeks. Au Revoir hairy legs!

    $30.00 for a pack of 12 strips.

    Bliss Catalog – 888-243-8825

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