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  • Calling All Curly Girls: Partners with

    Noemi Lenoir

    Being a tried and true curly girl my entire life, I have to say that it has been wonderful watching the curly revolution evolve over the years. When I was a little mixed chick growing up in the 80’s, curls were seen as something to straighten with blow-dryers, hot combs and relaxers. Curl confidence was for the few and far between, usually reserved for the bohemian mamas who let their ringlets fly free and didn’t believe in conventional standards of beauty.

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  • Haute Couture Hair Care for Babies


    If you’ve got a little curly girl in your life, you can attest to how hard it can be to find quality hair care products made for her gentle, virgin hair. Fortunately there are several new brands emerging on the scene that are addressing this issue firsthand and are providing top notch hair care products without harsh chemicals and strong ingredients that can often harm or damage delicate little curls!


    One such brand Babo Botanicals has an amazing line of baby hair care that is sure to keep your little one’s tresses looking and feeling beautiful. Check out the entire line of products from organic shampoos to detanglers to leave in conditioners. These products are made for all hair types but are especially beneficial for those with curly hair as they are free of drying alcohols.

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  • Pantene’s Searching For the Next Reality Hair Star? Could It Be You?



    What woman hasn’t grown up with the iconic Pantene commercials that featured gorgeous glossy locks that flowed like silk over a model’s shoulder, making you rush to your local drugstore to pick up the latest Pantene shampoo and conditioner? Pantene is a brand that has built its reputation on producing salon quality hair care products at an affordable price point.

    With the latest launch to find the next Pantene spokesperson, they are delving into the world of entertainment and reality television by creating their own reality show. Continue Reading

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  • Tools of the Trade for Curly Girls


    As a curly girl with ringlets, waves and frizz, I know how hard it can be to tame the mane as I call it! Many times, we curly girls don’t know where to start when it comes to caring for our hair. We can’t use the same products, tools and tricks that our straight haired sisters use since our hair is often drier, prone to breakage and very delicate. So, here is a go-to guide detailing the most important tools every curly girl needs to have in her hair care arsenal in order to achieve troublesome tresses! Continue Reading

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  • B is for Biotin – My Healthy Hair Secret Weapon


    We curly girls go through a lot! Whether its fighting frizz, learning to tame the mane or dealing with thinning and shedding, we curly girls are constantly working to keep our ringlets bouncy, healthy and strong!

    One of the secrets to maintaining and even growing stronger, healthier hair is Biotin. A supplement that works wonders with hair, nails and skin, this natural supplement can be found in most major health stores and even drug stores.

    biotinThe best version of biotin is the liquid version as it goes straight into the blood stream and begins to work its magic building a stronger shaft and regenerating limp, lifeless locks.

    Whole Foods is where I buy my biotin and they also have a wonderful selection of liquid multivitamins which are highly recommended to include in your healthy hair quest as they will assist the biotin and give you a total body makeover from the inside out.

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