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    I love to smell delicious. Unlike many people, I am not a perfume fan and rarely purchase your eau de toilettes or eau de parfums because they tend to be too strong or reek of alcohol which isn’t really my thing. I am all about oils. Not the hippie mama, patchouli oils from back in the day. I love the custom oil blends that can only be found at The Fragrance Shop. They used to have a location in Miami on Lincoln Road which is an amazing little promenade in the heart of downtown South Beach. I lived in Miami for four years so you will hear a lot about South Beach and Miami as I continue to blog. They now have locations in New Orleans, North Carolina and Laguna Beach.

    The Fragrance Shop is a treasure trove of amazing scents. What I love about this place is that I can customize my fragrance according to the essential oils that I love.

    Every year, I make three custom scents – one for fall/winter, one for spring and one for summer. So for this Summer, I am going to create a beautiful, custom scent with the help of the amazing staff at The Fragrance Shop. Cindy, Amy and Jenny will be helping me with the process! Thanks girls! They run the store in North Carolina so if you’re ever in the area, please drop by and explore the amazing oils!

    Here are a few ideas of the scents I plan to blend for my ultimate Summer fragrance: Mexican Lime, Tahitian Vanilla, Basil and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

    Summer Fragrance 2010

    Follow me on my customized fragrance journey as I go from creating the fragrance to naming the fragrance to the final day where I wear my very own fragrance for the very first time!

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  • Kim Kardashian Launches Her First Signature Fragrance



    Even though Kim Kardashian is known for many things – her style, her amazing curves and her way with men, she is now about to be known for her signature scent. Kim has taken the plunge into the very lucrative world of fragrance and beauty. Even though I am not really a traditional perfume lover (I wear gorgeous oils and decadent body splashes) I was really taken by this soft yet sensuous fragrance. Very flirty and fun and perfect for Valentine’s Day or any romantic rendezvous.

    Top Notes: Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom
    Middle Notes:  Lush Gardenia, Jacaranda Wood, Pink Jasmine
    Bottom Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla Orchid, Sexy Musk, Creamy Sandalwood

    1.7 oz – $50.00
    3.4oz – $65.00

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  • An Apple a Day Keeps Love on the Way



    The latest launch by DKNY is sure to be a favorite on Valentine’s Day and beyond. For you fruity girls out there, this is the pinnacle of fresh, crisp and sensationally sweet. The candy apple fragrances are not only delicious but they are super cute and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s bathroom or boudoir. There are four fragrances to choose from: Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple – a blend of bright green apple, delicate raspberry and a final jolt of Coca Cola for that unique sweetness. Sweet Carmel Candy Apple – a blend of crisp apples and florals with the sticky sweetness of caramel and vanilla. Juicy Berry Candy Apple – a blend of decadent blackberries and fresh apple blossoms intertwined with soft rose petals and sensual sandalwood.

    1.7 oz – $55.00

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