• Beauty News: Nicki Minaj Debuts Pink Friday Fragrance Commercial


    For all you Barbz out there, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance commercial has officially launched and you know what that means, there will be about a thousand Nicki Minaj Makeup Tutorials on YouTube showcasing how to get Nicki’s gorgeous glittery gold eye that she flaunts in the ad. If you haven’t seen the ad yet, you’re in luck! Check it out!

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  • Sweet Treat: White Russian Perfume from Demeter Fragrances

    I love Demeter fragrances. They are one of my favorite perfume brands and I live for their inventive take on some of the most classic and whimsical scents ever created. From candy to fresh cut grass, you can find a scent that mimics a real-life aroma of anything you could possibly think of. One of their most fun scents is the White Russian. This sweet yet spicy scent combines the decadence of coffee liqueur with the bite of cool vodka all enveloped in the sensuality of cream. This is a great holiday perfume as it has a cozy yet sophisticated appeal.

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  • Beauty News: Jordin Sparks to Launch New Fragrance

    Jordin Sparks is a woman on a mission. She’s setting her sights on furthering her celebrity with the launch of a second fragrance entitled “Ambition”.  The American Idol winner and star of the hit film “Sparkle” is thrilled about the release of her newest scent:

    “Right now, I feel like I can take on the world. Ambition is the perfect word for where I am in my life right now,” says Sparks. “I love the fact that I’ve put out a good scent and a good quality product, so that when they do smell it they’re like, ‘OK, this is awesome, I’m going to grab this,’” says

    After the success of her first perfume Because of You, Sparks’s newest creation is sure to be a hit with her fan base and beauty fanatics alike. As Jordin has continued to mature and elevate her style, sound and career, it can be safe to assume that this new fragrance will be an evolution of how far the singer/actress has come.

    We can expect to see the new scent hit stores just in time for the holidays. Can’t wait!

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  • Beauty News: The Body Shop Launches Special Edition – Vineyard Peach

    If you love to smell like fresh fruits or sweet treats, The Body Shop should be high on your list of favorite bath & body retailers. As expected, The Body Shop recently added yet another delectable scent to  their best-selling bath & body collection. The Special Edition Vineyard Peach is every fruity girl’s dream fragrance. Sweet with a hint of tartness, this delicious ripened peach scent is a great alternative to the season’s pumpkin, vanilla and spice scented offerings. The Vineyard Peach Collection includes:

    • Vineyard Peach Body Butter
    • Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub
    • Vineyard Peach Shower Gel
    • Vineyard Peach Body Lotion

    You can purchase this sweet juicy special edition scent at your local The Body Shop store or online at

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  • Healthy Beauty – Are Your Beauty Products Toxin-Free?

    Are Your Beauty Products Full of Toxins?

    Most of us have at least a few beauty items that we rely on to look and feel our best. Whether you are a beauty minimalist or a full-on product-loving diva, your shower regimen probably at least involves shampoo and conditioner and body wash or soap. Many beauty arsenals also include lotion, facial soap, facial moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, makeup, hairspray and more. While you’re sudsing up in the shower and applying your favorite lipstick, you might be getting more than you bargained for however. Many common beauty items are full of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

    Why You Should be Concerned

    When we apply lotion or use other external beauty products the products do not simply sit on the surface of our skin. Our skin is porous and therefore absorbs substances, including chemicals and toxins found in beauty products. Toxins can enter our body through our skin and eventually make their way into our muscles and bloodstream. Most of us wouldn’t think of intentionally ingesting dangerous chemicals, yet we may be unintentionally doing so every time we reach for our trusty leave-in conditioner or wrinkle cream.

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