• Product Review: Miracle Skin Transformer with SPF 20 in Tan


    Now that its blazing hot on the regular, there is no need for a face full of foundation and powder in order to look put together. I love summer makeup as it is light and let’s your skin breathe. Because I still like my skin to look even and flawless, its perfect to use a tinted moisturizer with sun protection as you will accomplish three important skin care steps all with one product. Miracle Skin Transformer is the ideal product to take you through the summer season while keeping your skin looking and feeling its very best. Continue Reading

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  • Don’t Sweat Summer Makeup!


    So, you’ve applied your foundation, blush, eyeshadow and mascara and you’re heading out for a gorgeous day of shopping, eating and hanging with the girls. As the day goes along, you begin to notice that your once perfectly applied look is beginning to slide down your sweat soaked face. What do you do now? Continue Reading

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  • Product Review: HissyFit’s Saving Face Anti-Aging Foundation with SPF 50


    Now that summer has unofficially begun, I have noticed that my usual makeup routine just isn’t cutting it anymore. I mean, the moment I step outside, my face begins to melt which is just not a cute look ever – no matter what season it is! So, how excited was I when I realized that I had recently been sent a new lightweight foundation for one of the beauty stories I was writing. Continue Reading

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  • BFF! Beauty Fab Find! BeautyBlender Smoothes Its Way to the Top


    I was watching a video of Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and during his makeup application with his star client Kim, he whipped out this amazing BeautyBlender that is a sponge which works wonders with cream and liquid foundations, blushes, bronzers, highlighters and any other liquid or cream based product.

    Once you apply the product to the face, you then smooth it out with the BeautyBlender and viola! You’ve got stunning results that looked as though you been airbrushed to perfection! What I love about this amazing product is that its versatile, easy to use and washable which means you can use it over and over again unlike the traditional sponges which have to be discarded after each use.

    These are such a great tool in achieving a flawless face! Happy blending beautistas!

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