• A…B….C…D…. Best New Bra!


    I know it may not seem exciting to most but the idea that there is a bra out there made to lift, conceal and enhance my cleavage makes me want to jump for joy and scream from the mountaintops. Most of the time bra shopping is akin to buying a swimsuit, tedious, uncomfortable and just plain annoying. Thankfully, bra manufacturers have gotten hip to the fact that they need to create a new type of bra that fits the body and not just some ideal model or measurement that many women don’t fit into.

    Barely There has created a new collection of bras that are based on your true size and come in sizes from XS – XL. I love it. I am actually heading to Kohl’s where they sell these new bras this weekend to purchase a few since they retail for $30 a piece or less. I will be dishing on my new better bras next week so stay tuned!

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  • Sex and the City 2 Gets Minxed


    We’re only a week or so away from the premiere of Sex and the City 2 and the excitement is reaching a fever pitch. Everywhere I look there are trailers, interviews, promos and countless bloggers hyping up the fashions we can expect to drool over when the movie hits theaters. It’s such a huge event that most women I know are searching for the perfect ensemble and inviting their stylish girlfriends to attend the opening night. SATC 2 is more than a movie, its an experience! Continue Reading

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  • Top Hats Will Keep Your Girls Covered


    Okay ladies, we all have been there. We’re wearing a super low-cut top or a sheer ensemble that unfortunately puts out girls in prime position for serious exposure. Even though you may see models in magazines and celebrities on red carpets flashing their headlights, its not a good idea for the every day fashionista to get caught working her high beams. Well, thanks to Top Hats Nipple Covers, you will never have to worry about that embarassing situation again.

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  • Kardashian’s Debut Beach Bunny Swimwear For Summer!


    My favorite reality TV star and stylista Kim Kardashian and her equally trendsetting sisters Kourtney and Khloe just launched their first bikini line for Beach Bunny swimwear. The designs are super sexy and work for a variety of body types which is great since not everyone on the beach is super petite or super curvaceous.

    I am in love with Kim’s gold bead criss cross bikini as its sexy, sleek and sophisticated and will be perfect for my summer vacay on South Beach! Check out the rest of the line. All three sisters put their design spin on the line and offer up some fun, flirty styles that are sure to get you noticed.

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  • Kouture Magazine Preps for Spring Launch 2010

    kouturespringcoverAs some of you may or may not know, besides being a beauty blogger, I am also the Beauty Editor for Kouture Magazine, a new high fashion and beauty publication for today’s affluent woman of color. I am SOOOO excited about this magazine and the direction we are headed as its truly inspiring to be a part of a visionary team of writers/editors seeking to add something new to the media marketplace.

    Kouture Magazine is all about high end fashion and beauty and lifestyle. Affluent African-American women have never had a publication that spoke to them at their level and with their needs, wants and desires in mind. We are already on our fourth issue and are currently working on distribution so that women of color across the nation will be able to pick up Kouture at their local bookstores, newsstands and grocery stores!

    Check back soon as I highlight the launch of the Spring 2010 issue!

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