• Spring 2013 Beauty Trend Alert – Neon Eyes

    Backstage at the Spring 2013 Fendi show in Milan, one of the trends that had editors buzzing via Twitter and Instagram was the multi-colored neoprene eyeliner effect achieved by makeup artist Peter Phillips. The need for a shot of color on the face inspired Phillips to cut small strips of neoprene fabric and masterfully apply it underneath the lower lid for a futurisitic look that will certainly turn heads. I love this effect and can easily see this trend transcending the runway and hitting the streets of New York, LA and Miami. Of course no one in the real world is actually going to glue fabric onto their faces but what you can expect is a vibrant use of color on the lower lid. Imagine brilliant electric blues, vibrant greens and deep inky blacks against flawless skin and barely-there lips. We’re talking statement making eyes that are modern, fresh and very sophisticated.


    What do you think? Is this a trend you would rock come Spring 2013?

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  • Beauty by the Book: The Art of Liquid Liner!

    Liquid Liner is tricky to achieve but with a steady hand and some practice, you can make it work too!

    How many times have you flipped through the pages of your favorite fashion or beauty magazines and stopped on a beauty ad with a devastating gorgeous model sporting some serious liquid liner and wondered how in the world you could achieve a similar look? If you have had this experience, you are not alone. I find myself wondering the same thing all the time. Fortunately, YouTube beauty gurus are constantly bombarded with requests from women like me on how to produce the sleek yet sophisticated look of a liquid lined eye. Here is a wonderful tutorial that will give you step-by-step information and techniques on how to make the famous winged liner look with ease!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Smashbox Cream Liner Palette

    Smashbox, Cream Eyeliner Palette in Proof, $32, www.smashbox.com

    In the past, the idea of using cream eyeliner was a daunting one. I was one of those cream eyeliner challenged girls who couldn’t figure out to how craft a cat-eye if she wanted to and I desperately wanted to. Well, fast forward a few years later and I can wield cream liner like no one’s business. I can even craft a cat-eye without looking like a clown. One of the reasons I’ve graduated from cream liner amateur to expert is Smashbox’s cream liners. I absolutely adore these liners as they are super super super easy to use and don’t smudge, budge or run. Another reason I am smitten is the applicator brush. Unlike the traditional angled brushes used for lining the eye, the Smashbox liner brush is unique in its straight design. The thin bristles of the brush get into the lashline with ease giving you that smoldering look with just a few quick strokes.

    With all of this backstory, you can totally understand why my newest obsession is the Smashbox Cream Liner Palette. This palette includes ten shades:

    •  Lava
    •  Picasso
    •  Midnight Purple
    •  Midnight Brown
    •  Putty
    •  Caviar
    •  Thunder
    •  Midnight Green
    •  Deep Bronze
    •  Cameo

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With… NARS Silver Odyssey Collection

    The idea of a limited-edition nail polish and eyeliner from NARS just in time for Fashion Week sounds like something to get excited about! For one week only, you can purchase these two gorgeous on-trend items from NARS. The Via Cripsi Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Silver is a stunning silver shade that is the perfect product for adding some pizzazz to one’s traditional smoky eye or as an accent shade on the lower lid when you need that pop of color and shine. For those who prefer to keep their shine focused on tips and toes, the Silver Odyssey Nail Polish in Aluminum is the way to go. A high shimmer nail polish with micro-flecks of glittery silver specks is anything but childish. It glides on smooth and gives nails the right amount of wattage which is perfect for those sexy fall nights. You have to get these two items ASAP since they’ll be out of the stores by next week!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With… Sephora Collection Smoky Kohl Liner

    Sephora Collection, Smoky Kohl Liner, $12, www.sephora.com

    The smoky eye is one of those looks that is always on trend no matter what the season. One of the best ways to create a smashing smoky eye is with a kohl liner. Kohl liners are creamy, rich liners that smudge and spread easily giving you the perfect base for a traditional smoky eye. The new Sephora Collection Kohl Liners are the perfect liners in that they are heavily pigmented, easy-to-apply and work well with your favorite smudging brush to give you that sensual smoky effect you crave.

    The liners come in six shades:

    • Black
    • Copper
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Lilac

    Get your smoke on ladies!

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