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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…SLEEK Makeup i-Divine Primer Palette

    Sleek, i-Divine Primer Palette, $10.50, www.sleekmakeup.com

    So, everywhere you turn there are gorgeous models, celebs and reality tv stars showcasing their sexy smokey eyes and other beautiful eye makeup looks. For the everyday girl, it’s a wonder how these looks seem so vibrant and how they never budge or smudge, like not even a little bit. Many of these beautiful ladies have professional makeup artists on hand who craft this complicated looks and one of the secrets all makeup artists know about is eye primer. Eye primers are the ideal way to start your eye makeup look as they smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even the complexion in the eye area. They also make your favorite shades look more alive. That’s why I am so obsessed with Sleek’s Eye Primer Palette. This 12 primer palette has every color primer you would need from silver to black to red and more. This is a great investment for any girl who wants the flawless eye makeup looks that are currently on trend!

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  • Product Review: Victoria’s Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer

    It’s a Friday or Saturday night and you’ve ready to hit the town and have the time of your life. As you think about what you’re going to wear, the thought of how you’re going to wear your makeup crosses your mind. Should you go smoky, neutral or bright and bold? Should you play it safe or give in to your desire to shine? I think we all know what the answer is! Glossy, shimmery eye makeup is a no-brainer. It’s gorgeous, easy to wear and makes every girl look like a million bucks!  The secret to wearing a shimmery eye is to keep the rest of your makeup simple and sophisticated. Being that I love all things sparkly, I was too ready to try out my own shimmery eye look with Victoria’s Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer!

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  • Product Review: Hard Candy In the Shadow Eye Palette, Kaleyedescope and Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shines


    The first time I experienced Hard Candy was back in 2002 when I was working as a Lead at Sephora at the Dadeland Mall in Miami. I had heard quite a bit about the amazing nail polishes and how the creator of the brand use to mix up different polishes to create the unique colors and textures that eventually took the brand to new levels.

    One of the products that Hard Candy was known for back then was the Half Baked Bronzer which was truly one of the best bronzers on the market with its high shimmer and gorgeous bronze shade. Continue Reading

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  • Primed and Ready

    Primed and Ready

    If the eyes are the windows to our souls, then wouldn’t it make sense to make sure your windows are perfectly clean and ready to showcase your gorgeous inner spirit?  What I mean to say is that in order to show the beauty of your eye makeup, you must  prime your eyes before you embellish them with the smoky look or the sexy cat-eye! A great primer is the most important tool to creating a flawless look no matter the shape or color of your eyes. Continue Reading

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