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  • Curly Girl 101 – Sulfate-Free Shampoos

    Healthy curly hair has a lot to do with the products that you use on a daily basis. One of the most important and regularly used products in a curly girl’s arsenal is her shampoo. As we all know, shampooing your hair helps rid the hair and scalp of dirt, debris, oil and product build-up. The issue with most mainstream shampoos is that they are made for those with straight hair. Straight haired individuals need to wash their hair more frequently because their hair tends to get oily very fast due to the fact that their hair shaft is straight and the oil travels down from the scalp to the hair follicle with no interruption. When manufacturers formulate their shampoo products, they tend to put more detergents and other oil-stripping mechanisms into the formula which in turn helps eradicate the oil build-up from the scalp leaving hair clean, refreshed and healthy.

    Curly haired individuals have the opposite issue. Our hair tends to be dry as the curl pattern inhibits the natural oils from making its way down the hair shaft as quickly as our straight haired counterparts. When we use shampoos that are made for straight-haired individuals, our hair is stripped of the much-needed oils leaving our hair damaged, broken and extremely dry. That is why it is important to look for sulfate-free shampoos which are hair cleansers without the common detergents and other oil-stripping agents found in common shampoo products.

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  • Curly Cues – My Favorite Curly Girl Products

    33y5e1tCurly girls may think they have it tougher than any other hair type but the truth of the matter is, there are so many amazing products available these days to help combat the various challenges we often face. In order to help out as many curly girls as I can, I figured I would highlight a few of my favorite products that have helped keep my hair looking and feeling its best while maintaining healthy, bouncy, springy curls!

    Shampoo: Deva Care No Poo


    This amazing shampoo is void of the typical oil stripping detergents that damage and dry out curly hair. Most shampoos contain some sort of detergent like ingredient in the formulation as this is why the shampoo foams and lathers when applied to wet hair. Most traditional shampoos are highly destructive for those of us with curly hair and can lead to weakening of the hair shaft and frizziness. Deva Curl No Poo doesn’t lather at all and feels more like a conditioner with its thick, creamy consistency but it’s amazing in that it nourishes curly hair while cleansing and ridding it of dirt, grime and product build-up. This is the ultimate shampoo for curly girls and is a must-try for anyone whose ever dealt with dry, brittle hair!

    Deva Curl No Poo – $32.95 –

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  • Best Beauty Brands for Mixed Chicks


    If you’re like most other mixed chicks, you sometimes have issues with finding the right hair care products, skin care products and beauty products that enhance and complement your skin tone, hair texture and unique features. Well, to make matters easier, I decided to compile a list of the best hair, skin and makeup brands for mixed chicks. Some brands may be quite familiar to you while others may not but the best thing to do is experiment with different brands until you find what works for you!

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