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  • Top 4 Deal Apps for Shoppers!

    The Internet may have a lofty reputation as the first truly democratic medium, teeming with untold bits of important data just waiting to be snatched up by eager minds. But a lot of people just want to shop. Yes, the Internet is as much known for commerce as anything else, and never in the history of the world has the act of making purchases been easier or more convenient. And just as there are many online retailers, so too are there many online deals. So many, in fact, that it would be impossible to even scratch the surface of online discounts by going page by page through search engine results. So with that in mind, here are the best online shopping discount and deal apps in 2013.

    Hukkster – free

    Billing itself as a “personal shopping concierge,” Hukkster is the perfect virtual assistant for those who don’t like paying full price for anything – which is everyone in this day and age. The app features a bright and easy layout that tracks a variety of products and offers alerts the moment said item goes on sale. Users of this app can create fully customized lists and receive coupons as well.
    Kaleidoscope – free

    This option looks to be catnip for fashionistas, as it offers countless current photos of street style, runway shows, blogging news – all geared to keep the user abreast of the latest worldwide fashion trends. As for the discounts, the app can locate a wide variety of clothing options on sale and provide the user with the cheapest options.

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