• The Changing Face of Beauty: Multi-Ethnic Beauty Consumers On the Rise

    As a mixed race woman, the subject of the changing face of beauty is something I am very passionate about. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I didn’t have very many choices in hair care, makeup and skin care products created specifically for someone with multiple racial lineages. My background is Creole from Lousiana on my father’s side which is a mixture of African American, French, Native American and Spanish and Caribbean on my mother’s side which is yet another hodge podge of racial groups coming together to create a new culture.

    All of those mixtures have resulted in someone with unique features and unique needs when it comes to my beauty products. I cannot use traditional main stream hair care as my multi-textured tresses need moisture and hydration which many mainstream hair products don’t supply. I also cannot use ethnic hair care products as my hair is too fine and is often weighed down by the excess oil used in the formulation of these products. Thankfully brands like Mixed Chicks, Curls, Miss Jessie’s and others have surfaced as there are now options for me in the hair care arena that were never available before.

    In the world of makeup and beauty, the same can be said that many brands have added more shades to their foundation and powder lines along with creating new products with more pigmentation for women of color. It’s delightful to see beauty advertising change over the years from the traditional Caucasian model to showcasing models of various backgrounds from African American to Asian to Latina. Clinique is one brand that has been leading the charge with multi-ethnic models in their beauty advertising with the launch of their newest spot corrector and serum. As the world continues to change and evolve and the mixed race community continues to grow, makeup and beauty brands will be forced to recognize the changing face of beauty and will have to create products that incorporate all of their consumers or run the risk of being deemed obsolete.



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  • Product Review: Profound Beauty Curl Serum

    Healthy Curls Start With Quality Products

    During the summer months, I embrace my natural curls. The humidity and flat-irons just don’t mix so I give up the constant straightening process and let my natural texture reign supreme. Being that I am always trying to find great curly hair products, there isn’t a curly product alive that I won’t submit my curls to, all in the name of beauty! My latest trial happens to be a new brand I am just learning about called Profound Beauty. They have products for all hair types.

    Profound Beauty, Curl Serum, $32,

    I tried out their Curl Serum and was very impressed with the results. I have fine curly/wavy hair that dries out quickly but will also go limp and lifeless if I put too much product on. I love this serum because it is lightweight, odorless and left my hair looking shiny and my curls/waves defined without the dreaded crunchy texture. It’s a great product for the wet hair look that is really great during the summer.I washed and conditioned my hair and then towel-dried it. I then detangled my hair with my wide-tooth comb. After letting my hair air dry for a few minutes, I poured the serum into my hands and ran them through my hair making sure to scrunch my ends. I absolutely love the results. This is an awesome product for summer, especially after a long day at the beach or pool when your curls need a pick-me-up.

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  • Announces a New Contest for Those Curly Girls Fighting the Frizz

    Do you want to be a celebrity? Do you want to see your face and grogeous hair promoted all over one of the top curly hair sites? If you’re a curly girl and you’ve ever had a frizzy hair nightmare, this is the contest for you! recently announced a contest in search of the new frizz-free face of NaturallyCurly. To enter this contest, you have to send a picture and a description of your worst frizzy hair moment. The top ten winners will receive a full-set of John Frieda Frizz-Ease products, celeb-like treatment from, and interviews and an article about your frizzy hair story!

    To enter this amazing contest, please visit

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  • Product Review: Twisted Sista De-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

    Curly girls are going to love this new curly hair care collection! It’s absolutely incredible, works wonders on the curls and smells like a dream – can it get much better than that? As somone who samples beauty products for a living, it doesn’t! Lately, I have been needing a shampoo and conditioner with the anti-frizz formulation as the weather here in Atlanta has gone from frigid to humid in a matter of days. As someone with natural hair, no chemicals or perms, the humidity is and always will be my enemy so I constantly search for products that will combat the effects of humidity on my fine, curly/wavy hair!

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  • Calling All Curly Girls! Don’t You Know That Curly Girls Rock?

    Curly Girls Rock Event - April 29th 2011, Atlanta, GA

    If you’re a curly, wavy and kinky hair girl or someone who supports curly, wavy and kinky hair girls and you’ll be in the Atlanta area on April 29th – you have to check out Curly Girls Rock! It’s a 3 hour event put on by three of the most highly respected curly hair gurus on the blog scene. This event is all about meeting other curly girls while learning about the latest products, tips and techniques and earning the chance to win some amazing giveaways. For more information, please visit CurlyGirlsRock.EventBrite.Com

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