• Sweet Tea: Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta is Leaving the Show?

    So, word on the street in Atlanta is that Sheree Whitfield, one of the original cast members on Bravo TV’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting the boot and will not be returning for the next season! According to several close insiders, Sheree was complaining about her salary not being nearly enough especially with fellow castmember NeNe Leakes netting a reported $750k per season. The execs and producers at Bravo TV were allegedly disappointed and insulted with this request which led to them letting Sheree go. All of this is hearsay right now but will be confirmed either way shortly. Stay tuned!

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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce Does it Again!

    Beyonce Steps Out Again to Support Jay Z!

    Okay, let me start by saying, I don’t know what I believe when it comes to Beyonce and her new baby. A part of me can’t imagine that she would fake something so important, special and precious. However, the images surfacing of Beyonce in skin tight dresses with no remnants of a baby bump or post-pregnancy weight raises a thousand red flags. Okay, let’s just keep it real. When a woman has a baby, her stomach doesn’t just disappear. It takes months for her body to get back in shape and that’s totally normal. However, these pics of Beyonce make me think she was never pregnant and that she didn’t have the baby herself. It hasn’t been a month and she’s looking like she was never pregnant. Very strange. Don’t know what to think. What do you guys think?

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  • Beauty News: Nicki Minaj in Talks to Create a Signature Fragrance & Clothing Line

    Nicki Minaj May Have a Fragrance in the Near Future!

    Nicki Minaj is on a roll. She has a platinum selling album, several awards, a nail collection with OPI and legions of fans who literally cling to her every tweet. Now, the rap Barbie might be diving into the world of fragrance and fashion. The pint-sized diva is in talks with several companies about creating a signature fragrance and a fashion line which both would become extensions of her larger-than-life persona. This news does not come as a surprise as many of the celebrities today have their hands in several ventures ranging from fashion to beauty and more. I just hope that Nicki goes the Gwen Stefani route meaning she actually has real input into all of the designs and items that she puts out instead of just closing a deal and licensing her name. I have to admit, although I’m not a fan of Nicki’s music, I would be interested to see what she would come up with on the fragrance and fashion tip. How about you?

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  • Beauty News: Nicki Minaj Launches Limited-Edition OPI Collection

    Nicki Minaj Unveils Her Limited-Edition Nail Collection with OPI

    Nicki Minaj is about to take the beauty world by storm with the launch of her limited-edition OPI nail collection. The collection is true Nicki with wild colors and even wilder names inspired by Nicki’s hit songs including: “Metal 4 Life,” “Fly,” “Save Me,” “Did It On Em,” “Super Bass Shatter,” and of course “Pink Friday.” The collection hits stores in January 2012!  Check out the swatches of the colors below:

    • Nicki Minaj Collection for OPI - www.opi.com

    • Metal 4 Life – chunky silver glitter polish
    • Pink Friday – shimmering pink polish with blue and yellow accents
    • Save Me – silvery rainbow glitter shade
    • Fly-  solid bright aqua hue
    • Did It On ‘Em- neon lime color
    • Super Bass – shimmery purple crackle topcoat

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  • Style File: Beyonce Dispels False Pregnancy Rumors

    Beyonce's New Baby has Got the Blogs Spinning Tons of Rumors

    With such amazing news as a new baby, one would think the bloggers and gossipers would just be happy for Beyonce and leave it at that. Unfortunately, there has been nothing but widespread suspicion and doubt about the “baby bump” that Beyonce has been flaunting with regularity ever since exposing her pregnant status on the MTV Music Awards back in September. The word on the street is that Beyonce has been wearing a prosthetic belly in order to appear more pregnant that she actually is. She is only a few months along and her belly bump isn’t as pronounced as it should be so the diva has taken to adding some padding to her look in order to always appear pregnant and happy! Beyonce’s publicist quickly dispelled that rumor!

    “Her rep, Yvette Noel-Schure issued a statement saying that the rumors are “stupid, ridiculous and false.”
    Of course, I don’t believe this to be true but there is an interview video where she the way her belly moves and somewhat deflates when she sits down does make one wonder. Take a look and tell me what you think?

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