• Product Review: Mixed Chicks Hair Silk

    Mixed Chicks Hair Silk Leaves Hair Shiny and Healthy

    Hair that shines and glows is equally as important as hair that feels soft and smooth. As someone with fine curly/wavy hair, I find it difficult to use traditional shine products as they tend to weigh my hair down giving it the awful greasy effect which is never attractive. Fortunately, there are products out there that offer up the shine I crave without creating limp lifeless curls. Mixed Chicks Hair Silk is a wonderful product that I am absolutely crazy about. It can be used on curly or straight hair. I mostly use it when my hair is curly. It leaves my hair gorgeously glossy!

    Mixed Chicks, Hair Silk, $11.99,

    With the soaring temperatures and record humidity, my poor curls have taken a beating and are in constant need of moisture, hydration and nourishment. Just the other day, my hair was looking dry and dehydrated and I didn’t have time to wash and condition my hair. I reached for my bottle of Hair Silk and after spritzing my hair with some water, I smoothed a dime-size amount of Hair Silk through my parched curls and let it air dry. Within fifteen minutes, my curls were shiny and beautiful. It looked as though I had washed and conditioned my hair even though I had only revitalized my curls with water and Hair Silk. This is a must-have product for any girl who wants enviable hair that shines and glows!

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  • Fresh New Face: Natalia Kills

    Natalia Kills is a Fresh New Face to watch!

    Natalia Kills is not a household name in the US just yet but she is well on her way to creating a buzz for herself. Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the future star was destined for greatness well before she ever wrote her first song. The biracial beauty is half Jamaican, half Uruguayan and very much an individual. She was raised in Leeds and Barcelona and was a student at the Yorkshire College of Music and Art. When she hit fourteen, she moved to London to pursue dramatic art. Natalia got her start in the entertainment business as an actor on the show New Voices. After releasing a few songs on a local UK record label, she filed to be released from her contract citing creative difference.

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  • Fresh New Face: Sabi

    Sabi - a new rapper/pop star on the rise


    You may have never of heard of her but trust me, this new rapper/singer is on the verge of stardom. Sabi recently made a huge explosion in the world of entertainment as one of only three collabos on Britney Spears’ recent album Femme Fatale. She rips several bars on the song Drop Dead Beautiful. Even though most people have never heard of Sabi, she’s no newbie when it comes to the music biz. She used to be a part of a female rap duo called the Bangz. They were an up and coming group that were all about hip-hop from a female perspective with a West Coast flavor. Unfortunately, her partner and the other half of the group Ella Ann was shot and hospitalized. She is still recovering from the shooting.

    Sabi is Making Her Mark on the Music Biz

     Sabi is a California girl to the core. She was born and raised in Inglewood. She is half El Savadorian and half African-American. She raps in English and Spanish and is well on her way to showcasing the diversity that exists within the world of hip hop and rap. She has starred in three commercials and an indie film produced by Shia LeBouf. She is a talented chica with the world at her fingertips! I can’t wait to watch her rise to the top. Check out one of her videos as a member of the group Bangz.

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  • Get Whisked Away with Kidada for Disney Couture

    Kidada Jones for Disney Couture

    Kidada Jones is the big sister of actress Rashida Jones and the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones. She is known for her cool style and love of fashion and over the years she parlayed her talents into several prominent styling gigs and modeling opportunities for ELLE and Vogue. With all of her passion and knowledge of fashion and style, it makes perfect sense that she would launch her own couture collection for one of the world’s most iconic and highly recognizable brands, Disney.

    Kidada for Disney Couture, Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet,

    Just like Kimora Lee Simmons did for Hello Kitty, Kidada is taking the legendary Disney brand and making it chic and sophisticated for the over 18 set. She has created whimsical items including shirts, dolls and jewelry that are to be worn with your favorite designer clothes or thrift store finds. The magical pieces are the perfect pop of sweetness that will immediately take any ensemble from basic to quirky and fun in a nano second. If your little diva wants in on the action, there are tons of jewelry options for her too. Check out the entire collection when you click here.

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  • Fresh New Face: Katerina Graham

    Kat Graham

    If you’re a fan of the hit CW show “Vampire Diaries” then you are already familiar with Kat Graham but for those of you who don’t watch the show, she is a fresh new face on the scene and definitely one to watch. Katerina Graham is half African-American, part Russian/Polish Jew. She was born in Switzerland but grew up in Los Angeles where she caught the acting and entertainment bug early. Her father, a major record executive is also the godfather of two of Quincy Jones children so she grew up in the Hollywood circles and was soon getting jobs at the tender age of six. She’s been on a host of commercials, done back up dancing for artists like Bow Wow and starred in several music videos for major artists including AKON, Justin Bieber and Usher.

    She is a talented actress for both the small and big screen and is a budding singer with her first album set to drop later this summer! Keep an eye out for this rising biracial beauty! She’s on the rise for real!

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