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  • Product Review: Profound Beauty Curl Serum

    Healthy Curls Start With Quality Products

    During the summer months, I embrace my natural curls. The humidity and flat-irons just don’t mix so I give up the constant straightening process and let my natural texture reign supreme. Being that I am always trying to find great curly hair products, there isn’t a curly product alive that I won’t submit my curls to, all in the name of beauty! My latest trial happens to be a new brand I am just learning about called Profound Beauty. They have products for all hair types.

    Profound Beauty, Curl Serum, $32,

    I tried out their Curl Serum and was very impressed with the results. I have fine curly/wavy hair that dries out quickly but will also go limp and lifeless if I put too much product on. I love this serum because it is lightweight, odorless and left my hair looking shiny and my curls/waves defined without the dreaded crunchy texture. It’s a great product for the wet hair look that is really great during the summer.I washed and conditioned my hair and then towel-dried it. I then detangled my hair with my wide-tooth comb. After letting my hair air dry for a few minutes, I poured the serum into my hands and ran them through my hair making sure to scrunch my ends. I absolutely love the results. This is an awesome product for summer, especially after a long day at the beach or pool when your curls need a pick-me-up.

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  • Product Review: Zoe Dot Print Flat Iron


    My trusty flat iron recently went kaput, so it was time for me to venture out into the world on a quest to find a decent yet affordable alternative. Rather than rack up hundreds of dollars purchasing a high-end brand at one of the beauty supply stores, I headed over to Target and perused the hair care aisles in search of a replacement that could straighten my hair without causing any damage or distress. After several minutes of picking up flat iron boxes and figuring out which ones were ceramic coated versus ionic tourmaline, I finally went with the Zoe Dot Print Flat Iron.

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  • Product Review: Kenra Platinum Straightening Gelee


    I love wearing my hair curly but it can sometimes be a bit of an issue when I need to slick it back for my workouts. Enter Kenra Platinum Straightening Gelee. This is an amazing product that is supposed to be used for straightening curly hair but I tried it as a gel for my curly style and it worked fantastically!

    I love that it didn’t leave my hair feeling hard or stiff but it kept my hair in place throughout my entire workout and gave me a gorgeous shine to boot. The straightening gelee is made to combat the effects of humidity on the hair and is recommended as a product you would use on freshly washed and conditioned hair before you blow-dry. I am not sure how it will work as a straightening product as I have very fine hair and cannot put anything on the hair that might weigh it down or cause it to become too oily or greasy. I just might give it a shot though and if I do, you know there will be a review!

    Kenra Platinum Straightening Gelee – $23 –

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  • Product Review: L’Oreal Texture Expert Spirale Extreme Cream

    Nothing says luxurious and sexy more than a head full of glossy, defined curls. Finding products that create those luscious curls can sometimes be a chore but I am happy to say that I’ve found a hair miracle in a bottle and I have to share this amazing product with the rest of my fellow curly girls! Whether your hair is wavy, kinky, curly or a mixture of all three, you can use this product to get the most out of your naturally curly locks without weighing down the hair or creating any stiff, crunchy or sticky textures.

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  • Curly Cues – My Favorite Curly Girl Products

    33y5e1tCurly girls may think they have it tougher than any other hair type but the truth of the matter is, there are so many amazing products available these days to help combat the various challenges we often face. In order to help out as many curly girls as I can, I figured I would highlight a few of my favorite products that have helped keep my hair looking and feeling its best while maintaining healthy, bouncy, springy curls!

    Shampoo: Deva Care No Poo


    This amazing shampoo is void of the typical oil stripping detergents that damage and dry out curly hair. Most shampoos contain some sort of detergent like ingredient in the formulation as this is why the shampoo foams and lathers when applied to wet hair. Most traditional shampoos are highly destructive for those of us with curly hair and can lead to weakening of the hair shaft and frizziness. Deva Curl No Poo doesn’t lather at all and feels more like a conditioner with its thick, creamy consistency but it’s amazing in that it nourishes curly hair while cleansing and ridding it of dirt, grime and product build-up. This is the ultimate shampoo for curly girls and is a must-try for anyone whose ever dealt with dry, brittle hair!

    Deva Curl No Poo – $32.95 –

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