• BFF! Beauty Fab Find! PRO Beauty Tools


    When it comes to purchasing quality hair tools, it can often wind up costing you a pretty penny. Even though I firmly believe in investing a bit more for a tool that will help enhance your look and style, I also believe that if a bargain can be found, why not go for it! Well, it looks like PRO Beauty Tools is the answer for all of your professional quality hair tool needs.

    This comprehensive brand includes dryers, ceramic flat irons, curlers and even brushes that are made with the top technology and materials to ensure the ultimate performance and results. In regards to pricing, none of their items retail for more than $40.

    You can find these products at Wal-Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond. Check back for a review!

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  • BFF! Beauty Fabulous Find! Cetaphil


    As someone who firmly believes in keeping your skin looking its best, I have a wonderful BFF for you today that will not only give your skin fantastic results but won’t have you crying poor mouth either! Cetaphil is a beauty industry favorite as its gentle on the skin since it doesn’t contain many of the harsh ingredients found in traditional cleansers. Because the formulation is void of oil-stripping additives, this cleanser doesn’t foam and lather up but it does get your skin nice and clean, ridding it of dirt, oil and impurities while leaving skin hydrated and nourished. The cleanser is almost like a two in one product since your skin feels so moisturized afterwards that it seems as if you don’t need to add a moisturizer.

    Love it! It’s a must have for your daily skin care routine – no matter what the season!

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  • BFF! Beauty Fabulous Find! Physician’s Formula


    If you’ve ever been in a bind where you needed some blush or maybe a bronzer and didn’t have time to head to the department store or your favorite beauty boutique, drugstore beauty aisles are the perfect answer to your situation. Many drugstores from CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens offer a great selection of affordable yet high quality beauty brands. One of my favorite drugstore beauty brands has to be Physician’s Formula. This brand is all about creating excellent makeup that helps nourish and protect the skin while keeping your bank account looking good! Continue Reading

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  • Product Review: Bodycology’s Cucumber Melon Body Mist and Skin Softening Rich & Creamy Body Wash


    In a recent post for the BFF (Beauty Fab Find) segment, I talked about my love affair with Bodycology. This is a fabulous bath and body brand that offers up a wide array of products at affordable price points. I highly recommend this brand for those of you who LOVE Bath and Body Works but would rather spend half the prices. Bodycology’s  fragrance family is extremely high quality with a range of florals, fruity and clean scents to choose from. Also, the ingredients and formulations are excellent and truly deliver. Continue Reading

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  • BFF – Beauty Fab Find! Bodycology!


    Just recently I was at Wal-mart refilling my beauty necessities when I came across a beauty brand that I hadn’t seen in years but truly loved!  Bodycology is a great bath and body line with some of the most delicious scents and creamiest lotions and body butters on the market. I used to live in the peach fragrance which is no longer a part of their scent family but I was happy to see that they have expanded the line to include some new fragrances and products.

    This is a great BFF – Beauty Fab Find as the product delivers incredible fragrance while softening and moisturizing skin. The price points are beyond affordable and you get a nice amount of product for the money that you’re shelling out.

    I did try the Lime Coconut and was very impressed and their Vanilla is sinfully sweet.

    Check them out and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

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