• I’m Currently Obsessed With… Bedazzled Tweezers from Forever 21

    Forever 21, Bedazzled Tweezer, $1.80,

    Something about a sparkling tweezer just makes me smile. I love my tweezers but would love them even more if they were blinged out like these cute and affordable bedazzled tweezers from Forever 21. These tweezers make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or a wonderful gift for birthdays and bachelorette parties! It’s all about the bling baby!

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  • BFF = Beauty Fabulous Find! Liplicious!

    Liplicious is a Bath & Body Works Brand

    With the lip gloss craze steadily gaining momentum, there’s always a need for a new gloss! I have a new brand that is both economical and super sweet! Liplicious is a brand of lip glosses created by Bath & Body Works. The gorgeous glosses come in a wide variety of shades and flavors. They are tube glosses which make for easy application. These glosses give high shine and are a great gift for birthdays or special occasions. There are even Halloween inspired flavors which could make great gifts for that Halloween party you’re planning on throwing this year! You can check out the entire line at Bath & Body Works!

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  • BFF! Beauty Fabulous Find! SLEEK Cosmetics!

    Sleek Makeup,

    How many of you have wished you could find affordable yet high quality makeup that blended easily and worked well on a variety of skin tones? Well, the answer to your bold and beautiful beauty prayers is Sleek Makeup. This UK based brand is highly popular with makeup artists, beauty junkies and beauty newbies alike. Known for their highly pigmented shadow palettes and blushes, this affordable beauty brand has quickly developed a cult-like following in the US. Unfortunately, the makeup is not sold here in the US yet but you can order it online or if you’re overseas in Europe or parts of Africa, you will be able to purchase the product at various retailers including Sephora.

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  • Beauty Fabulous Find! Suave New Professionals Hair Care Line in Rosemary Mint

    Suave Salon Professionals Hair Care Line,

    I know you’ve seen the commercials! A model with a gorgeous head of hair is getting her hair styled by a top stylist who doesn’t know that he’s using the Suave Professionals Hair Care Line. After finishing the model’s hair, he is astounded at how amazing the products are and how beautiful the model’s hair looks. Well, I have to admit that in these days and times where balancing a budget is a must, this is a definite beauty do! Suave is a drugstore brand that has upped their ante by reformulating and packaging their hair care products and giving consumers better products to choose from that don’t cost an arm and a leg! I am anxious to try out the Suave Hair Care Collection in Rosemary Mint. This new collection is comparable to Aveda’s award-winning Rosemary Mint collection which I absolutely LOVE! It would be great to have a less costly alternative that manages to keep my hair looking and smelling fabulous! Check out Suave products here!

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  • Beauty Fabulous Find! BFF! Shea Moisture Hair Care

    Shea Moisture,

    You curly girls already know that any product with the word moisture in the title is already a winner in my book! Whew! My hair is so dry and in desperate need of moisture and hydration, I practically douse my hair in rich conditioners on a daily basis. I had the awesome opportunity of trying out this curltastic brand and I have been nothing but pleased with the results. The Shea Moisture family is all about bringing life, vitality and a healthy bounce back into your hair no matter what the texture. We can all use some nourishment in our haircare routine, right? From volumizing shampoos with yucca and aloe extracts to styling mists with coconut oil and hibiscus, these are all-natural, certified organic products that will take your hair from lackluster to luscious after just one use.

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