• Beyonce Launches Sizzling Hot H&M Commercial and New Song!

    Everyone I know is ready for summer and with Beyonce’s new swim collection for H&M primed to hit stores in May, the anticipation is heating up quickly! As if Beyonce couldn’t get any hotter, the superstar diva created a gorgeous swimwear line exclusively for H&M that will surely sell out as fast as tickets to the entertainer international concerts. Check out the sexy teaser ad campaign Mrs. Carter recently released. Not only are all of the swimsuits gorgeous but her new song in the background isn’t too shabby either!

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  • How to Rock Your Scarf Like a Celeb


    What do Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss have in common? Yes, they’re all gorgeous, thin, fabulous women who we see in just about every women’s magazine on the stand. They also have amazing fashion sense, which is probably how they land in those magazines in the first place! One of these women’s very favorite accessories is the almighty scarf. Scarves are amazing accessories, providing a triple-threat: color, fashion and functionality. Plus, many of them just feel luxurious, plush and soft.

    Choosing a Color or Pattern


    Never match a scarf perfectly with what you’re wearing. That means choosing a scarf in a different shade of the color you’re wearing or a complementary hue. It also means not choosing a patterned scarf with the same exact design as a piece you have on. When you choose a scarf that looks just like what you’re already wearing, it doesn’t add anything extra to the outfit. However, don’t veer too off track. Follow celebrity style and pair a patterned scarf with a patterned top or a solid scarf with a solid outfit. Just make sure the colors are different enough to stand out.


    Infinity Scarves for Wintertime


    One of the biggest celebrity fashion trends during the wintertime is the loop scarf, also called an Affinity Scarf. Most of these scarves come in solid colors, but you can find ones with patterns, too. The fabric tends to be thick and warm, which is perfect for chilly weather. Simply slip one over your neck to bundle up. Some loop scarves are even big enough to be wrapped around several times.


    Summertime Scarves


    Flip through any tabloid magazine during the spring or summer and you’ll see plenty of snapshots of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood wearing scarves. Wondering how anyone can put a scarf on in 90 degree weather? The fabric is so thin and light that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing an extra layer. Wispy scarves can even be helpful during warm weather because they’ll add a punch of color or flare to a boring outfit. For example, if it’s so hot that you don’t want to put on a light jacket for a fancy dinner, a scarf can add that extra embellishment you want without being suffocating.


    Tips for Tying Scarves


    There are a number of different ways to tie scarves. The easiest and quickest way to wear a scarf is to fold it in half, ring it around your neck and then tuck the loose ends into the ring you’ve created. Most celebrities style their scarves like this, especially during the winter. You can also take a large square scarf that’s made from light or medium-weight material, fold it in half and tie the two corners around the back of your neck. Tying your scarf like this adds a ton style to whatever you’re wearing and can really spice up a bland top. Many celebrities also take their long, thin scarves and wear them as headbands, especially when they’re having a bad hair day.


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  • Beyonce Rocks Golden Minx at SuperBowl XLVII

    Last night’s Super Bowl was one for the history books! From the power outage that lasted 34 minutes to the nail-biting fourth quarter, there was enough drama to last a lifetime. Unlike the actual game, one of the biggest and most anticipated moments of the night went without a hitch. Beyonce slayed her first Super Bowl halftime show and had everyone up on their feet both at the Superdome and those watching at home. Even though all eyes were on her very revealing black leather ensemble, Beyonce didn’t leave any detail unturned. She wore customized Minx Nails created by celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan.

    The gold chevron nails were certainly a hit as they provided some much-needed high wattage shine and texture. Lisa Logan applied the Minx creations to Beyonce and her entire team of backup dancers. Check out some behind the scenes photos of these one-of-a-kind golden creations!


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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce to Headline the XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show!

    It’s official! Beyonce will be headlining the XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show which is set to air on CBS on February 3rd 2013. I already know Beyonce stans around the world will be flooding New Orleans, the site of next year’s Super Bowl in attempts to see the pop superstar perform live! No one is sure whether or not Beyonce will handle the halftime show alone or will bring any musical guests on stage to help her wow the crowd but it’s safe to say that no matter what she’ll draw millions more viewers to the halftime show than usual since she is an international superstar with mass appeal.

    Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!!!!


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  • Beyonce Rocks the House at Jay Z’s Barclays Brooklyn Show

    Beyonce showed out over the weekend at Jay Z’s huge concert extravaganza commencing the opening of the new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn which is the new home of the Brooklyn Nets – the NBA b-ball team that Jay Z is part-owner of. Looks like Beyonce wanted to come out and represent for her man during the show and she definitely had the crowd going. Check out the video footage from the show!

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