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  • Beauty News: Rihanna and MAC Set to Collaborate on New Collection

    It’s kind of crazy that this is the first time that Rihanna and MAC are teaming up. The international superstar who is known for her eclectic style and edgy fashion has always seemed like a shoe-in to collaborate with the cutting edge makeup brand. Well, it looks like all of our prayers have been answered. Rihanna and MAC will be launching limited-edition four-piece color collections throughout the year that will rotate seasonally. I cannot wait to see what Rihanna and MAC come up with as Rihanna has an amazing sense of style and a sultriness that comes through her makeup choices and application. Stay tuned for more as news develops!


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  • How to Grow Your Curly Hair – the Healthy Way

    As a curly/wavy-haired chica who is chemical-free, I cannot tell you the amount of times people ask me how I tend to my tresses. Whether it’s the type of products I use or how often I get my hair trimmed, I get tons of questions on how I maintain my hair. One of the most asked questions happens to be how do I grow my hair. As someone who has grown her hair out several times over a span of 15 years, I have tried just about everything and have finally come to terms with what works for me.

    Now that’s the important thing for each of you to understand. What works for me is not necessarily the right avenue for the next woman. From texture to genetics to my diet to my health, there are a multitude of reasons why my hair grows the way that it does versus someone else. I present my tips just as a starting point or guideline for someone to learn from.

    I suggest that you tweak your hair growing tips according to your needs and the results that you seek. Also remember that genetically we all have a certain length where our hair will not grow past – this is something you cannot change or control. It’s just a part of who you are. Some of us can grow our hair down our backs while others may only get slightly past the shoulder. Learn to embrace your natural length and if you want your hair to grow longer, there’s always extensions!


    • Healthy eating. You really are what you eat and that especially rings true when it comes to your hair. From proteins to healthy fats, the right foods will drastically improve the overall quality of your hair. Think of it this way, your hair needs vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to grow strong and thick is through eating natural foods. Stick to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.
    • Limit Your Trims. Stylists constantly recommend trimming hair every 6-8 weeks as they are trying to get rid of split-ends which can eventually cause major breakage. The problem with this model is that every your stylist trims your ends, you’re losing length. You will never see significant growth unless you leave your hair alone for long periods of time. I don’t trim my hair at all these days since I am in the growing phase. Once I reach my desired length, I will only get my hair trimmed once or twice a year max! This makes a world of difference; you will be amazed when you try this. Now if your hair is seriously damaged, I suggest getting the big chop and starting from scratch so that all of your new growth is healthy and chemical-free.
    • Pre-Natal Vitamins. This is an age-old remedy and a great one as it really works! I recommend using a vegan pre-natal that can be taken on an empty stomach as these types of pre-natal vitamins tend to absorb into the system better than traditional selections. If you’re eating healthy foods, taking a digestive enzyme, a probiotic and taking a pre-natal vitamin, you will be amazed at how drastically different your hair will look and feel in only a matter of months.
    • Co-Washing. I don’t wash my hair with shampoo on a daily basis which has really increased my growth potential. I like to co-wash my hair on a daily basis especially when I am working out as it helps me rid my hair of sweat, dirt and product build-up without stripping my hair of its natural oils like shampooing tends to do. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner for your daily washes and a deep conditioner at least once a week for additional treatment.
    • Limit Restrictive Styles – I don’t wear my hair in tight ponytails, braids or any other type of constrictive hairstyle. The more you pull your hair back in these tight styles, the more likely you are causing major damage to the hair follicles especially those around the temples. Let your hair breathe and relax. Try loose chignons, relaxed curly styles and easy breezy buns and watch your tresses lengthen.

    Good luck growing out your hair ladies! Feel free to share your hair growth tips! I am always open to new ideas and techniques.


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  • Beauty News: Nail Art Society Launches

    If you love nails and all things nail related like I do, you will love the launch of the latest nail site devoted to all things nails including nail art, trends and so much more. I am loving this site as I love to change up my nail looks on a fairly regular basis. The is chock full of the latest in nail trends and so much more. When you sign up to this site, you will receive a unique nail art kit every month. The registrations is only $20 a month which is a great deal considering that you also receive exclusive access to celebrity manicure how-to’s and nail tutorials.

    I highly recommend this site for those of you who breathe, eat and sleep nails and nail art designs!

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  • Beauty News: MAC to Team Up with Rick Baker – Master Monster Makeup Artist

    Calling all my MAC and monster enthusiasts, your dream collabo is on the way. Master makeup artist and special effects guru Rick Baker is teaming up with the world’s top makeup brand MAC to create a limited-edition 15-piece Pro collection that will only be sold in MAC Pro stores and online beginning in October 2013. Rick Baker is a film industry veteran with dozens of notable films on his resume including “An American Werewolf in London”, “The Nutty Professor”, “Gremlins 2″ and “Men in Black”. One of his biggest achievements was creating the iconic zombie looks in Michael Jackson’s hit short film/music video “Thriller”. You can definitely be assured that this collection will be gone within seconds of its debut and that there will be some ingenious items that are sure to revolutionize the beauty business. Can’t wait to see what the collabo produces! Stay tuned!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…theBalm Meet Matte Eyeshadow Palette

    theBalm, Meet Matte Palette, $34.50,

    Matte shadows are a must-have for any and every beauty lover. Whether you’re looking to create a traditional smoky eye or you are building a glittery eye shadow look, matte shadows are the foundation to many of your favorite beauty looks. Even though matte shadows are not new, they have recently had a major resurgence within the beauty industry  as many of today’s beauty gurus rave about the importance of having matte shadows in your collection. In order to capitalize on the trend, many beauty brands are putting out specialized matte palettes.

    theBalm’s Meet Matte Palette is a perfect example of this trend. Filled with nine matte shadows in wearable and buildable shades, you will fall in love with this gorgeous palette. Each shade works well on its own and can be paired with the other eight shades or with your favorite shimmery/glittery shades as well. I also love how cute the concept is with all of the shadows bearing a Matt name of a different ethnicity i.e Matt Horowitz and Matt Ramirez. Super cute and a great stocking stuffer for that friend who has everything but needs to up the ante in the beauty department!

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