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  • Beauty Fabulous Find! Y.E.S. to Grapefruit

    So you want to have gorgeous skin but you don’t have the money to afford the high end skin care products highlighted in your favorite fashion magazines. Well, no worries. There are tons of affordable alternatives out there that will keep your skin refreshed, hydrated and renewed without breaking your beauty budget. I am a huge fan of the Y.E.S. to skincare collection. They have several collections ranging from Y.E.S. to Carrots, Y.E.S. to Blueberries and Y.E.S. to Cucumbers. Well now, the newest collection to hit stores is the Y.E.S. to Grapefruit collection. Being that I have a slight obsession with all things grapefruit, I knew this collection would be a winner!

    From facial cleansers to body butters, this fully comprehensive face and body collection has all that you will need this summer to maintain gorgeous, healthy skin. You can find Y.E.S. to Grapefruit at mass drug stores nationwide or you can order products online at


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  • Spring is Here!

    Today marks the official first day of spring. Break out your sundresses, wedges, bright lip color and pastel nail polishes, spring is here! I love this season as it is the perfect blend of sunny days and breezy afternoons. The weather is not too hot or too cold and festival season kicks off around the country as people come out of hibernation after a long harsh winter. In order to “spring” into the season with confidence, I have compiled a list of must-have products that will surely help you navigate spring without losing a step.


    • Bright Lip Color – Spring is the time when color bursts at the seams. From flowers blossoming to fruit trees bursting with life, color engulfs our world in the spring as all living things come alive during this bountiful season. One way to instantly liven up your look is with a captivating bright lip color. You can certainly opt for one of last spring’s vivid hues in your beauty collection however if you want to pump things up a notch – opt for a neon bright version in a semi-matte finish. I love NARS Cosmetics Lip Color in Schiap – Semi-Matte – Shocking Pink, $26,

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  • Coconut Oil – 101

    After recently receiving some paraben-free and cruelty free bath and body products to test out, I am feeling even more amped to upgrade my beauty arsenal to 100% healthy and natural brands, products and recipes. Our skin is our largest organ and the one that we tend to neglect and abuse on a daily basis. It’s also one of the reasons why we may or may not be experiencing different types of issues ranging from infection, diseases, illness and other debilitating sickness. That’s where all-natural products or recipes come into the picture. With so many beauty bloggers and beauty aficionados ditching the standard chemical-laden skincare and beauty products, it comes as no surprise that something as pure and natural as coconut oil would become a must-have beauty item. Here are a few simple reasons why coconut oil is a great addition to your current bath and body regimen:

    1. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. Unlike traditional body lotions and butters which are loaded with water that only topically moisturizes the skin, coconut oil penetrates the skin’s top layer allowing the hydration and nutrients to reach the skin at a deep level. This type of moisture is what our skin lacks. Drastic improvement in overall tone and texture is just one of the benefits of using coconut oil on your skin every day. All you need is a spoonful of coconut oil to achieve one’s desired moisturizing needs.
    2. The key to introducing coconut oil into your beauty and skin care routine is purchasing the right product. Opt for all natural, extra virgin without any hydrogenation, bleaching, refinement or deodorization. You want your coconut oil to be as pure and as natural as possible. It’s best to store your coconut oil in a mild, dry place as it will solidify when in temperatures under 76 degrees.
    3. The natural sweet aroma of coconut oil makes this product a fantastic scented body oil for those spring and summer nights. Rather than spritzing yourself with strong perfumes or body splashes, you can use the coconut oil as a natural fragrance.


    Check out your local health food store or Whole Foods for the best quality coconut oil in your area.



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  • Winter Wonderful Skin 101

    Every winter season, I find myself in dire need of skin treatments and products that combat the dry, scaly, flaky skin that seems to flare up during this time of year. As the temperatures drop and the humidity declines, we tend to find ourselves facing some of the driest conditions of the year. Let’s not forget that we’re also subjecting ourselves to indoor heat which instantly removes what little moisture is left in our skin. Wearing multiple layers of cotton, wool and other natural fibers can exacerbate the irritated, inflamed conditions that tend to arise throughout the winter months. In order to maintain beautifully smooth soft skin, it’s important to use the right products and to remember a few key tips. Follow these tips below and you won’t have to suffer unsuitably dry skin this winter.

    • Keep your shower or bath water in the lukewarm range. Even though you will be tempted to take hot showers and bath on those cold winter nights or brisk winter mornings, hot water is a major deterrent to smooth, healthy skin. Not only does it strip the skin of it’s natural oils but it also can lead to irritation which in turn leads to scratching and itching your tender skin. Lukewarm water gives you the satisfaction of warmth and comfort without sacrificing your skin’s moisture levels.
    • Step up your exfoliation when showering or batheing. Unlike the spring and summer where you might exfoliate once or twice a week, you will want to remove the dead skin at least 3 to 4 times a week. Because you are increasing your exfoliation, you will want to use a product that is gentle enough to use daily but still effective enough to remove the dirt and dead skin with ease. Try Sephora Collection Smoothing Body Scrub in Vanilla ($10, The delectable sweet scent will sweeten your skin while the paraben free formula will certainly soften it.
    • Another important tip occurs after you’ve finished your shower or bath. Rather than towel yourself dry, leave your skin damp. Let the water soak into your skin and lightly towel it off. Next you will want to apply a body oil. Opt for Fresh Sugar Body Oil, ($45, Let the body oil soak into your skin. You will find that gently adding a deep layer of moisture to your damp skin will vastly improve the overall texture, appearance and quality of your skin throughout the cold winter season.
    • In order to maintain smooth, scale-free feet, you will need to consistently remove the dead skin build-up especially on the heels and balls of the feet. One of my go-to foot care products is the Dimancel # 10 The Classic Big Buffer ($49, At first glance, the price may seem a bit steep but it’s really quite cheap when you think about the fact that this foot rasper is made with small diamond chips which means it will never go dull and never has to be sharpened. I use this foot rasper all year round to keep my feet beautifully soft. Once you remove the rough edges, you will need to slather your heels with an emollient foot salve or cream. Check out Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius Foot Mask Amazing Foot Cream ($15, Not only does this foot cream smooth out the hard heels but it also can be used as a cuticle cream for hands and feet. Love products that pull double duty.

    With all of these easy tips, you will be on your way to smooth skin no matter how cold it gets outside. Have a happy holiday season and stay soft!

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  • Beauty News: The Body Shop Launches Special Edition – Vineyard Peach

    If you love to smell like fresh fruits or sweet treats, The Body Shop should be high on your list of favorite bath & body retailers. As expected, The Body Shop recently added yet another delectable scent to  their best-selling bath & body collection. The Special Edition Vineyard Peach is every fruity girl’s dream fragrance. Sweet with a hint of tartness, this delicious ripened peach scent is a great alternative to the season’s pumpkin, vanilla and spice scented offerings. The Vineyard Peach Collection includes:

    • Vineyard Peach Body Butter
    • Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub
    • Vineyard Peach Shower Gel
    • Vineyard Peach Body Lotion

    You can purchase this sweet juicy special edition scent at your local The Body Shop store or online at

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