• Mattel Needs to Offer Barbie Party Favors for Girls of All Colors

    I happened to come across a link to a story about a mother of a soon-to-be five year-old who was on the hunt for Barbie party favors that favored her daughter. Even though Mattel has been manufacturing Barbie dolls of color for a few decades now, it doesn’t mean that all of the Barbie products and items have girls of color in mind. Fortunately, the internet has allowed for consumers such as this distraught mother to voice their frustration with the lack of availability for girls of color -specifically her little brown girl.

    It makes me hopeful that our world will one day be structured in such a way where no one will ever be excluded. It’s about time that we celebrate our diversity which is what makes this country truly one of a kind. Maybe Mattel will lead the way for other brands to realize that excluding one group is really excluding lots of people and its not a smart business move. Onwards and upwards.

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  • Beauty by the Book: Halloween Tutorial – Barbie

    Are you a Barbie girl? I know I am! I had tons of Barbies growing up and loved each and every single one until I reached the age of 11 and Barbies were no longer cool anymore. Barbie is an iconic part of Americana in that she symbolizes femininity, beauty and being a girl in the modern American world. Barbie had it all – from cool friends, a great boyfriend and even a fiesty little sister who loved to emulate her every move. She also had the best cars, a dope beach house and even owned her own McDonalds (I wish I could find the Barbie McDonald’s I used to own – I miss it so much). If you’re jonesin’ for some Barbie style this Halloween and want to dress up like your favorite plastic princess, you have to check out this fun makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween.
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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Pink in PANTONE Barbie

    Pink in Pantone Barbie, $49.95,

    Okay, so I am a grown woman in my mid-thirties but whenever I see a new Barbie, I just lose it! LOL. I recently received an email about the new Pink in Pantone Barbie which was exclusively created for Barbie Collectors. This high fashion Barbie is draped in a custom-made gown inspired by PANTONE color chips that can seen cascading down her dress and fashioned to look like a floral accent. She’s rocking a fly pair of white peep-toe pumps with black ankle straps and pink soles. Her black and silver bangles add a decidely fashion forward flair to her sexy look and her pin straight blond locks are reminscent of fashion icon and designer Donatella Versace. I really love this Barbie! She’s every fashionista’s dream!

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  • Bald Barbie for Cancer!!!!

    Bald Barbie for Cancer Ignites a Facebook Movement!

    I was skimming through my beauty blogs when I came across an article about a movement on Facebook for Mattel to create a bald Barbie that would be specifically for those fighting cancer or dealing with someone who has cancer. I LOVE the idea of a special bald Barbie. I think it would be a great tool for young girls dealing with the disease as well as for grown women fighting cancer. It’s also a self-esteem boosting tool for daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, mothers and friends of those with cancer or cancer survivors. Currently, the Facebook campaign has nearly 17,000 likes and is certainly growing minute by minute. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time next year, there will be a new Barbie devoted to the women around the world fighting cancer!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With…Tokidoki Barbie

    Tokidoki Barbie is a limited-edition doll that goes for $50

    If I could have one thing for Christmas this year, it would be the Tokidoki Barbie! She is super cool in her leopard leggings, pink leather miniskirt, black off the shoulder sweater and silver peep-toe pumps. Her Nicki Minaj pink wig and Tokidoki handbag add that extra pizzazz and how could you not fall in love with her little companion Bastardino? How cool are her tattoos and bangles? She is currently on backorder but you can get on the waiting list here!

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