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  • Sweet Tea: First Pics of Jessica Simpson’s New Baby Girl Maxwell

    Jessica Simpson is celebrating the birth of her baby girl Maxwell with fiance Eric Johnson. She is adorable and the happy couple looked overjoyed with their newest addition. Maxwell will be one of the most photographed little girls in the industry as everyone will be looking to see what she’s wearing especially since Jessica has become a serious fashion mogul. Congratulations again to the happy couple!

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  • Sweet Tea: It’s a Girl!

    Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl today in Los Angeles yesterday morning. She was accompanied by her fiance of 2 years, former NFL baller Eric Johnson and her mom, dad and sister Ashley. Her new little bundle of joy is named Maxwell Drew and she weighed 9 pounds and 13 ounces. Congrats to the happy new parents! I already know that little cutie is going to have one killer wardrobe!

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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce and Jay Z Proud Parents of Baby Girl: Ivy Blue Carter

    Beyonce and Jay Z Welcome Baby Girl Ivy Blue Carter!

    With all of the controversy swirling around about Beyonce’s impending birth, it seems as though the high profile couple has made the birth of their daughter Ivy Blue Carter even more suspect. I am the first person to congratulate the birth of a new baby as it is truly a blessing and a wonderful event that should never be mocked or made light of. This is exactly why I am so bothered by the Beyonce and Jay Z pregnancy/birth. Why all of the secretive stuff? The couple rented out the entire 4th floor of the Lenox Hospital in New York where Beyonce checked in as Ingrid Jackson. Supposedly, the baby was born early in the morning via a scheduled C-section.

    I don’t know why I feel so skeptical about this baby’s birth but I do. Why not have a baby like other celebs without all of the fanfare and strange rumors? It has been pretty apparent that something was amiss when Beyonce made the grave mistake of going on an Australian talk show with a mishapen baby bump. It made many people think she wasn’t pregnant at all which has been the outstanding theory regarding her pregnancy. Supposedly she has a surrogate carrying her child and didn’t want to get pregnant out of worry that her body would not bounce back and she would lose her career. Let’s all hope and pray that’s not the truth. Even she had to use a surrogate for other reasons, i.e. fertility issues, she should have been honest about it and kept things on the up and up. Many celebs have used surrogates without anyone making any comments. The whole thing is strange.

    The proof will come out when she’s bikini body ready in three months. That’s when you know something wasn’t right as any pregnant woman with a normal body will tell you, it takes much longer than that to bounce back! Supermodels excluded of course!

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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce and Jay Z are Having a Girl!!!!!

    Not sure if Kelly Rowland meant to slip the news of Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby’s gender but she did during a recent interview. She announced that she didn’t know what to get their baby girl but that the baby shower would be off the chain and that the little girl would be showered with tons of amazing gifts. So, its confirmed! Beyonce and Jay Z are soon-to-be the proud parents of a little girl! Wow! Can you imagine the wardrobe that little girl is going to have? Unreal! I recently found out about the custom baby shower gift Kelly Rowland is having commissioned for the star-studded shower. Check it out after the jump!

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