• I’m Currently Obsessed With…Victoria’s Secret Cross Body Bra Dresses

    So if you’re like me and you’re planning a trip this summer, you’re on the hunt for some cute dresses for those balmy summer nights out on the town. I happened to be getting my hair done the other day when my stylist showed me a few of the dresses she had recently ordered online at Victoria’s Secret and boy was I impressed! Not only were they sexy but they were affordable and were true-t0-size which is great when you’re buying clothes without trying them on.

    I decided to go for it and purchased a few sexy summer dresses that I cannot wait to rock this summer. The dress in the picture above is one of Victoria’s Secret’s top selling dresses for spring and summer. The Cross Body Bra Dress makes getting ready for vacation easy and stylish. I love how effortless they appear – with the right accessories, heels and a cute clutch, you can’t go wrong in this dress. They come in a wide array of bright spring and summer shades as well as patterns and prints.

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  • Destination Weddings 101


    You want a wedding that’s set in Hawaii, but your budget is telling you that you can’t stray that far from home. An exotic honeymoon is at the top of your dream wedding list, but it looks like you’ll have to settle for a road trip to a nearby B&B. How can you make your wedding and honeymoon dreams come true without spending every cent of your savings? Believe it or not, destination weddings are not nearly as expensive as you think they are. Plus, your wedding location will double as a honeymoon spot.

    Why Destination Weddings Don’t Break the Bank


    We know it seems that a wedding in Mexico, Thailand or Hawaii sounds like it would cost a bundle. What you spend in travel expenses, though, you more than make up for in just about every other aspect of planning. To start, you’ll invite fewer guests than if you were having a wedding at home. Then, a percentage of those guests aren’t going to be able to make the trip, which cuts down your head count even more. Also, destinations that are popular for weddings often have bundle packages that are budget-friendly. You can have an all-inclusive vacation and wedding for less than you’d normally pay for the reception alone. Continue Reading

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  • How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Shopping for jewelry is no longer the simple process it once was.  Today you have to watch for stones that are simulated, created or treated.  The metals come in so many different terms; it can get confusing to know whether something is “real” or not.  The best way to avoid issues is to educate yourself and buy from sources that you trust.

    Know the Terminology

    When it comes to the metals, it’s still easy to know what you’re getting if you know where to look.  Gold, silver and platinum are all marked somewhere on the piece if it’s real and with what grade.  Have the seller show you the markings if you can’t find them.

    Gemstones are another matter entirely.  Natural is considered out of the earth and “real” but you can actually get “real” stones created from the labs as well.  The difference between the stones is the amount of time it took to create them.  Labs simulate the same conditions as the earth just in a faster process.  That being said, lab created stones cost substantially less than natural ones.  Simulated equals fake, usually glass made to look like the stone.  Be careful because some jewelers will try to pass off the cheap stones for the natural ones and charge the higher price.

    You also need to be aware if the stones are treated and how.  Some treating is okay and normal but some forms used attempt to make a stone look like another one, thus creating a fake.  Some treated stones also need special care to keep the look.

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  • Beyonce Launches Sizzling Hot H&M Commercial and New Song!

    Everyone I know is ready for summer and with Beyonce’s new swim collection for H&M primed to hit stores in May, the anticipation is heating up quickly! As if Beyonce couldn’t get any hotter, the superstar diva created a gorgeous swimwear line exclusively for H&M that will surely sell out as fast as tickets to the entertainer international concerts. Check out the sexy teaser ad campaign Mrs. Carter recently released. Not only are all of the swimsuits gorgeous but her new song in the background isn’t too shabby either!

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  • Spring Trends 2013


    With the new year upon us, shopping for trendy fashions is high on every fashion conscious individual’s list. The good news is, one doesn’t have to spend a small fashion this year to stay “in vogue”. It does not have to be a challenge to dress to impress for 2013. All one needs to do is stay informed on the hottest trends for the upcoming season. To look chic throughout the year, let the following descriptive be your guideline:

    Drape That Cape

    A bold fashion trend making a comeback for 2013 is the fashion cape. Women of all ages can dress a cape up or down, for casual daytime wear or evening formal wear. Capes can complement almost any outfit and seem to offer a look of charm and sophistication. During the chilly winter months, capes made of wool or other substantial fabric can add a nice layering to an outfit. For spring, consider a satiny lightweight cape to add a touch of class to semi-casual dress.

    Leather and Lace

    Leather skirts are more than a timeless fashion statement, they are versatile as well. Sexy and chic, a leather skirt or leather pants can make a women feel provocative and alluring. Toned down with a simple sweater, a leather skirt is appropriate for the office. Teamed with a lacey top, the leather skirt can be perfect for evening apparel. Whether choosing an eggshell color for spring or traditional black for winter, leather fashion is hot for 2013. Continue Reading

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