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  • Sweet Tea: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump

    Kim Kardashian is preggers! Not that this is news since the entire world has been made aware of her pregnancy after Kanye announced it at his concert in Atlantic City last month. As soon as he made the announcement, the paparazzi made it their mission to get a shot of the growing baby bump. Up until now, they haven’t had much luck as the newly pregnant reality star wasn’t showing at all. Well, it looks like the baby bump has finally made an appearance. Kim Kardashian and Kanye were out last night having dinner in LA and from the barrage of photos that have appeared on every blog and website this morning, Kim’s burgeoning baby bump is finally visible which means Kimye’s baby has officially taken his/her very first picture!


    Stay tuned for more baby bump sitings!

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  • Sweet Tea: Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian Splitsville Already?

    Okay, if you’re like me, you probably had no clue that rising British sensation Rita Ora was really dating Rob Kardashian. I heard the rumors a little while back but it’s hard to verify any of these stories as many of the celebs are linked up with any and everyone they are seen within the vicinity of. Well, it looks as though the relationship (if its real) was shortlived. Rob Kardashian supposedly took to his Twitter account and blasted the (rumored) mixed race singer Rita Ora for cheating on him with 20 gorgeous albeit other men. Several of the men the blond singer is rumored to be hanging with are actors, models and rappers. If this story is true, Rita has been quite busy. So far, there has been no word from Rita Ora or her camp. As more info develops, I’ll bring you up to date!

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  • Sweet Tea: It’s Official! Kanye West Proposed to Kim Kardashian! She Said Yes!

    Kayne West is seriously about to get the boyfriend of the year award. Not only did he whisk his girlfriend Kim Kardashian away on a surprise week-long trip to Rome, the rumor mill also believes that the superstar rapper proposed with a mega-wattage 10 carat diamond ring. The reason this rumor seems to be sticking is that Kim has been photographed wearing this gorgeous stunner on her pinky finger. Insider sources say that she won’t wear the ring on her ring finger until her divorce from Kris Humphries is official. If this is true, I hope Kim takes it slow and really examines what the institution of marriage is all about. Stay tuned for more developing news! You be the judge. Look after the jump to see the supposed engagement ring for yourself:

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  • Sweet Tea: Nicki Minaj Releases New Music Video Featuring Cassie

    Nicki Minaj is back with her latest music video for the catchy new song “The Boys”. This power girl anthem features Cassie who handles all of the hooks and keeps the song moving along nicely. The bright colors, wild ensembles and super wild makeup and hair are sure to keep fans and makeup gurus happy while spawning tons of spoofs, makeup tutorials and inspiration for Halloween! Check it out!
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  • Sweet Tea: Beyonce to Headline the XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show!

    It’s official! Beyonce will be headlining the XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show which is set to air on CBS on February 3rd 2013. I already know Beyonce stans around the world will be flooding New Orleans, the site of next year’s Super Bowl in attempts to see the pop superstar perform live! No one is sure whether or not Beyonce will handle the halftime show alone or will bring any musical guests on stage to help her wow the crowd but it’s safe to say that no matter what she’ll draw millions more viewers to the halftime show than usual since she is an international superstar with mass appeal.

    Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!!!!


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