• Haute New Hairstyle

    Jada Pinkett

    As soon as pics of Jada’s new look hit the net, everyone was talking about her do. I am so loving this tousled chic up-do. Its a curly girl’s dream to wear your naturally curly hair in a unique yet sexy way and this style is certainly turning heads. This beautiful look was created by Marcia Hamilton, a celebrity hairstylist who has created gorgeous hair for Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams to name a few. To find out how Jada’s look came to be and the products that were used – flip the switch! Continue Reading

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  • Product Review: Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

    Aveda Damage Therapy TreatmentAs a tried and true curly girl who is working hard to get her natural ringlets back after a disastrous (unforeseen) perm job at a Los Angeles beauty school which shall go unnamed for legal reasons, I am a believer that the road to hair recovery starts with the right products. When it comes to restoring hair, you can’t skimp on shampoos, conditioners and treatments since this is the time when your hair needs the most help and the best ingredients money can buy.

    I have always LOVED Aveda products from the first time I tried their Rosemary shampoo and conditioner while living in Miami. The humidity used to wreak serious havoc on my hair so I had to drench my dried out ringlets in nourishing conditioners that would not only moisturize my hair but protect it from the steamy climate.

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  • B is for Biotin – My Healthy Hair Secret Weapon


    We curly girls go through a lot! Whether its fighting frizz, learning to tame the mane or dealing with thinning and shedding, we curly girls are constantly working to keep our ringlets bouncy, healthy and strong!

    One of the secrets to maintaining and even growing stronger, healthier hair is Biotin. A supplement that works wonders with hair, nails and skin, this natural supplement can be found in most major health stores and even drug stores.

    biotinThe best version of biotin is the liquid version as it goes straight into the blood stream and begins to work its magic building a stronger shaft and regenerating limp, lifeless locks.

    Whole Foods is where I buy my biotin and they also have a wonderful selection of liquid multivitamins which are highly recommended to include in your healthy hair quest as they will assist the biotin and give you a total body makeover from the inside out.

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  • Calling All Curly Girls


    If you’re a curly girl like me – you will definitely appreciate this post. I will be highlighting amazing curly salons across the nation that cater to spirals, ringlets, waves and corkscrews from all races and nationalities.

    This first post is all about Urbanbella – a curly hair haven located in the tony Buckhead neighborhood in Metro Atlanta. Created by Keneesha Hudson, a fellow curly girl and entrepreneur – this curly salon/boutique is the ideal place for Atlanta’s curly chicks in search of the latest curly products and curl techniques and tips.

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  • Insider Interview: Mahisha Dellinger of


    The world of hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry and Mahisha Dellinger of is definitely getting her piece of the pie. With the launch of her highly touted curly hair care line Curls, Mahisha has revolutionized the hair care industry and answered the prayers of millions of curly girls with her amazing line. Check out my interview with Mahisha regarding her start in the beauty biz, her favorite products and what’s coming next for…

    CCB: Where are you from?
    Mahisha: Sacramento, California

    CCB: What inspired you to get into the world of beauty and hair care?
    Mahisha: My own challenge of finding quality hair care products for my hair….there weren’t any options for me.  I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally, and created a line for me and other women like me. 

    CCB: Who are some of your beauty inspirations/icons?
    Mahisha: Classic beauties like Diahann Carroll, Lena Horn, Cicely Tyson. 

    CCB: What are some of the common misperceptions when it comes to biracial/multiracial hair?
    Mahisha: Most people that that biracial/multiracial hair is all the same…fine, curly…the fact is biracial/multiracial hair varies from straight/fine to the kinkiest texture of the spectrum. 

    CCB: Who are your core clients? 
    Mahisha: Multi ethnic women with naturally curly, wavy, or kinky textured hair, and mothers of curlies in search of quality hair care options. 

    CCB: When mothers of biracial or multiracial women contact you, what are some of the common issues they have regarding caring for their children’s hair?
    Mahisha: The most common question I get from mothers of curly girls (specifically from Caucasian mothers with biracial curly kids) is how do I care for my curly angel’s hair?  They are asking for the basics…and we give them all the tools they need to get the job done. 

    CCB: What are some of the challenges you have faced with launching your hair care line?
    Mahisha: The top challenge I faced was entering a male dominated field as an unknown and paving my way through all of the politics.   

    CCB: What are your best-selling products?
    Mahisha: Quenched Curls, Curls Milkshake, and Curl Gel-les’c are the top sellers in the adult line, CURLS.  Moist Curls, Curly Q Milkshake, and Curly Q Gel-les’c are the top sellers in the kid’s line, Curly Q’s.

    CCB: What are some of the new products and or collections that you are launching this year?
    Mahisha: We launched Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir – our magic potion that enhances sheen, encourages growth, and strengthens hair. 

    CCB: Who are some of the celeb clients that love Curls?
    Mahisha: Ashanti, Blair & Desiree Underwood, Nia Long, Zoe Saldana, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rachel True. 

    CCB: Where do you see the brand going in the next 5 years?
    Mahisha: We will expand into restoration therapies to help women that battle different hair care conditions many women face.  Stay tuned….

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