Haute New Hairstyle

  • Haute New Hairstyle: Naya Rivera

    Naya Rivera stepped out in full effect last night at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood. She kept the paparazzi in a frenzy in her leather bra-top and matching leather pants. Her gorgeous waves caught everyone’s eyes as they were glamorous without being too stiff or overdone. Her celebrity stylist Clyde Haygood used her Alice + Olivia leather outfit as inspiration for her loose wavy style. To recreate her look, step by step, read below:

    Step 1 – Prep

    • Clyde applied Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula ($9.99 at drugstores) to Naya’s wet hair before blow-drying. “We wanted sleek, defined waves. We knew this serum would help give us the sleek, controlled style we were aiming to achieve and keep her hair frizz-free all night long.”


    Step 2 – Style

    • Next, Clyde used a curling iron with a 1 ½ inch barrel. After wrapping each section around the iron, he pinned each curl with a duckbill clip and sprayed Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray (5.99 at drugstores) to set.


    Step 3 – Perfect

    • Once the curls cooled, Clyde carefully brushed hair out and spritzed Frizz-Ease 100% Shine ($5.99 at drugstores) throughout for definition and added shine. “To replicate the look and feel of the leather outfit, we saturated Naya’s hair with as much of the shine spray as possible for that silky and smooth finish.”


    For all of these amazing products – please visit FrizzEase.com


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  • Haute New Hairstyle: Beyonce Rocks Blonde Braids

    Beyonce is a trendsetter and she’s always reinventing herself so it comes as no surprise that the multi-platinum diva has decided to ditch the lace-fronts and go for something a bit more urban. She’s rocking long waist-length blonde braids. Not sure if I am feeling them all too much but they are definitely a departure from what she normally does. It’s nice to see her change things up and go a different direction. I think its because of the hot summer weather and there’s nothing hotter than wearing a wig so braids allow her to keep it cool while letting getting out from underneath those hot wigs. Do you love it or hate it? Is this haute or not? Beyonce is the one with the maroon top on and the long blonde braids cascading down her back!

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  • Haute New Hairstyle – Rihanna’s Dreads? Haute or Not?

    If you love Rihanna for taking chances with her look then you will no doubt love her latest hairstyle – dreads! She recently donned a head-full of long, thick, dark dreads during her performance of her new song “Where Have U Been?” on Fox’s American Idol! Even though the dreads are obviously fake, they do lend a certain earthy sensuality that is very appealing and works well with Rihanna’s Caribbean roots. Do you love it or hate it? Weigh in!

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  • Haute New Hairstyle: Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj is known for many things, pink lips, wild makeup and even wilder costumes. She’s also known for rocking some seriously crazy wigs. On the April 2012 cover of Allure magazine, she’s definitely showing her softer side with a cotton candy pink wig piled a mile high on top of her head. Do you love this softer side of Nicki or are you waiting for her to don her infamous cheetah-striped bob again?

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  • Haute New Hairstyle: Kesha

    Hair studs. Really? I know that the world of entertainment is all about shock-value and excitement but there is a point where celebrities and entertainers go too far. Kesha is trying way too hard with this ridiculous studded hairstyle. It’s all about her trying to make a scene with her look instead of her music. Would you rock hair studs? Is this the new trend that will take the country by storm sort of like the Cassie shaved head look? Weigh in!

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